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With the arrival of summer, we have to revise our wardrobe to adapt to the heat . Rethinking casual looks and outings can even be easy, but when we have to choose work clothes , this task can be a little more complicated.

To put together the looks you will wear on a daily basis, it is important to take some factors into account. Among them is the length of the pieces, since the clothes used to work need to appear somewhat serious.

Thinking about it, I separated some practical tips for you to rearrange your work clothes without making mistakes! Follow!

Find out why it is important to pay attention to the length of work clothes

Many companies define a dress code , that is, they dictate what their employees should wear. If you work in a place that does not only require the use of pants, you can take the opportunity to be more comfortable in the summer and vary the looks, wearing dresses and skirts.

However, it is worth mentioning that even if the use of these parts is allowed, you must stick to the length of them.

Meet the length rule for skirts and dresses
The rule of length of these clothes is super basic and easy to decorate: use the pieces at the knee, and at most, five fingers above them.

This tip is also useful for those who like to use tailoring pieces, since it elongates the bonanza satrangi silhouette and gives a more classic look. If you work in a company that has a more relaxed dress code and can vary even more in the pieces, try to follow the length rule also so as not to run the risk of showing too much.

Test to see if the length is right

If you can’t decide if the skirt or dress is too short, sit back and pay attention to how far the piece goes up. Do not forget that the ideal is that the length is not more than five fingers above the knees.

Find out what types of parts you should avoid using at work
It is better to avoid wearing pieces that are very tight, low-cut and that draw a lot of attention – clothes with many colors, prints and applications, for example.

Also pay attention when separating a piece with income to go to work. As much as this is a delicate material, it can give a lot of transparency to the look, drawing attention in the wrong way.

Understand how to have an amazing work wardrobe

I always say that, contrary to what many people think, getting a good look and winning an amazing wardrobe is not having infinite pieces – but, yes, the right clothes! If you have doubts about how you can achieve this goal, you need to understand which items can not be missing to assemble a basic closet but that, at the same time, has class.

I will confess that, in fact, the secret to having a different style for work is rang rasiya  not really a secret, but a formula. That is: a set of pieces that will match each other and that are valid for the whole year, without going out of style .

For that reason, I selected the top tips for you to have an amazing wardrobe.

Classic Shirts
I will start with a wild item that, particularly, is not lacking among my pieces: white button-down shirt. It is a great work outfit because it composes a clean and professional look, in addition to combining with almost any accessory.

In addition, you can diversify with other colors. If you have that doubt about which other piece to combine, bet on tones over tones or monochromatic tones, as they are elegant and bold compositions at the same time, bringing sophistication to your look.

Do you always have doubts whether a certain color matches your khaadi online skin or not? Write down my tip! Prefer neutral tones, such as gray, beige, navy or the little black dress. Another sensational option and one that also passes sophistication without any effort, are the pieces in shades of grape, marsala or wine.

It is also worth having different versions of the shirt for work.

You can opt for the classic white, with a standard collar and long sleeves (which I particularly find charming), but you can have one in another color and of different sizes, which go up to the middle of the forearm, or those with short sleeves.

You can also invest in shirts with buttons in different sizes and styles. I recommend this trick because it has the ability to give the status that the piece is different and with fashion information. Be careful only if the option matches your biotype and profile. There is no point in the shirt being beautiful if it has nothing to do with you, is it not?

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