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The clothes for work need not be erased and “lifeless” so that they are appropriate to the professional environment. But it also doesn’t mean that everything is released. Bold necklines, short clothes and transparencies are for another occasion.

Did you get a little confused? You don’t need to, because today’s post will indicate what is good and what should be avoided in the office. Follow the tips:

1. Invest in the basics
To avoid doing ugly, start with the most basic looks, like a colored shirt (white, black, light blue, gray, among other more neutral tones) without much detail. If the environment has strong air conditioning, an de sleeve shirt or jacket is ideal.

For the bottom, opt for knee-length skirts, jeans or dress pants.

As accessories, give preference to the most discreet ones, such as a scarf with neutral prints, a chain with small stones or a thin wristwatch.

2. Give preference to classic looks
In addition to the basics, the classic can also be used, however it requires a little more discernment in choosing. Among the pieces considered classic, are: tailoring pants with a well-defined cut, blended waistcoat, pantsuit, black ideas gul ahmed dress with drape above the knee and a good scarpin in dark tones and medium / low heels.

3. Avoid very flashy prints
If you want to innovate a little, give preference for shirts of different tones from those listed above such as turquoise, wine, royal blue, for example. Skirt at the knee with a straighter cut (pencil type) are ideal for more formal environments.

4. Use transparencies responsibly
Transparencies can even be used, as long as they don’t go overboard. It can be a blouse with part of the transparent sleeves or one with more transparent details, but always wear a tank top underneath.

As this look conveys the idea of ​​lightness, the ideal is to combine with lighter fabric pants to provide more mobility.

5. Be careful of tight pieces and other exaggerations

Choose clothes to work with a suitable fit, neither too wide nor too tight. They value the body, favor the silhouette and do not draw much attention to curves. Also avoid very large necklines, jewelry and other accessories that are very striking.

Even at work parties, which require less formality, avoid very flashy looks, as it can reflect seriousness within the company. Save the most daring outfits for nigth.

6. Attention when choosing shoes

Shoes for the workplace also need attention. The first tip is to seek discretion with wildcard models . It is the black mid-heeled pumps, the brown moccasin without many details, the patterned sneaker, the light-colored slippers, among other models, that look good with more than one look.

Want to innovate a little? Scarpins with a little higher heel can also when associated with a more formal look. In addition to it, you can invest in moccasins with details like buckles, flat shoes (if the environment allows) or a suede unkle boot.

As you will spend most of the day on them, it is important that the shoes are comfortable. This is perhaps the main tip, after all, it may not even reflect on the clothes to work, but it certainly goes to your health.

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