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It’s that basic but stylish combination that you can assemble without thinking too much. So everyone should have one in the closet!

Where can I wear a casual look?
Creating a look like this means thinking about pieces that fit for any occasion. Therefore, it is very versatile and you can use it whenever you want!

It is ideal to use at different times, such as:It can be said that the casual look is more basic, without many prints, bold colors or details. Thus, it is easier when making combinations and adapting them to different environments.

You can opt for the classic black dress , jeans, light colors and the famous khaadi summer sale black and white.

Casual look tips
We separated some looks that define well what it is to be casual. See what they are:

1. Jeans

Denim dress is a casual piece

The good old jeans never go out of style. It is perfect for illustrating what a casual piece is. In addition, today, there are several outfits that suit all styles.

2. Light clothes

Casual look with light clothes

Betting on pieces with light colors is a great tip for creating something casual. Here, we have the perfect example of how to be basic and stylish at the same time!

3. Little black dress

Casual look: basic black dress

A joker, beautiful and that suits every moment. You can be more chic, basic or executive with the look, everything will depend on what you wear on your feet or the accessories you choose.

4. Black and white

Casual black and white look

The classic black and white has no mistake! The combination khaadi sale is perfect and it is possible to please all tastes. You can compose the look with one piece of each color or choose a dress full of black and white details, such as stripes, for example.

Now, when you need a casual look, you already know what to wear! Bet on our tips and create a radiant combination. The good thing is that you can reuse your clothes on several occasions, which helps to have a conscious consumption.

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