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Even from this table, I think the difference between the three hosting types offered by The email shop is quite large, but we’ll also explain a little more detailed below.

Before we get into details, we must understand one important concept: the server. Simply put, this is a special computer that stores websites and presents them to your online visitors:

Hosting is a collection of powerful computers optimized to stay online 24/7/365 and show your website address to anyone who types in their browser.

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So servers are actually the main component of any hosting service and can be used in different ways depending on the client’s needs and budget. This is where the importance of the three hosting types comes in:

Web hosting is a basic version for those who are just starting out and want to test their online projects with minimal expenditure. This is called “shared” because each server contains hundreds or even thousands of websites of various users.

This means that the resources of a single server are used by many sites at the same time – good for websites with medium traffic, but can greatly affect the performance of larger websites.

On the positive side, the shared hosting service is very easy to use and cheap. This is ideal for individuals and small businesses just starting out in the online world.

Enterprise hosting is a more advanced type and is suitable for larger websites with medium or high daily traffic (thousands of users per day and more).

The email shop’s enterprise hosting uses what are called cloud technologies; Your computing resources are spread across multiple machines rather than being tied to a specific physical server, resulting in better stability and durability.

This also means that your hosting resources are isolated from all other websites; this provides higher performance overall compared to web hosting.

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All of these benefits come at a cost, of course – enterprise hosting costs twice the cost of the most expensive shared plan (“Business” $ 13.50 per month), even with the cheapest plan (“Starter” $ 97.29 per month). By the way, the name of the latter is pretty confusing in my opinion – but now we know what to expect 🙂

VPS hosting is the most flexible and least user-friendly hosting type offered by The email shop. This stands for “Virtual Private Server” because in this case a single physical server runs several individual environments that do not overlap in any way. It’s like having your own server , apart from a “virtual” machine.

This setup provides maximum flexibility – you can do whatever you want with your virtual server because you have administrator level control over the entire system.

Until you realize that you cannot get an easy control panel with the VPS hosting plan, it sounds like fun. In other words, it’s up to you to set up every part of your virtual server.

This is why this type of hosting is extremely useful for professionals who know exactly what they are doing (i.e. programmers and web developers), and not for everyone else .

Considering the specific features of each hosting type, I can make a reasonable suggestion that you should probably choose the type of web hosting . Why? Because if you were representing a big business or a web development company, you would already know everything I mentioned in the previous sections.

That aside, let’s assume you need basic hosting and see which of the three

The email shop web hosting plans is the best option for you.

You can see three offers on The email shop’s cheap web hosting page: Single plan, 2.20 TL per month, Premium plan, 9.00 TL per month and Business plan, 13.50 TL per month. I think it’s important to understand that these are special promotions :

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If you order a 48-month package, you can evaluate these prices, shorter periods cost a little higher (I think a 12-month package is more than enough to see if you really need a website and test your online project).

These prices are valid for the duration of the package you ordered, after which the hosting service will be extended at a normal rate.

I’m saying to be clear – both of these are common practices of hosting providers, so The email shop has no secret of this .

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