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In How to Live on your Blog,  we explain step by step how to create a web page , but we are also aware that there are people who do not have patience or simply do not have time to do this.

That is why we have created a service through which we will make your company’s website or your own personal blog , with a formula so that it can be FREE and you also do not have to spend anything on its maintenance, since we will teach you through from Skype to how to manage your own website in a simple and clear way.

By hiring this service you will have the following:

Creation of your own website to your liking . For this we will send you several examples ( wordpress templates ) so that you can choose the design that you like the most.

Personal video-course via Skype where we teach you step by step how to keep your website updated , upload new content and make the changes that you want.

Creation and optimization of profiles on the main social networks :





And now for the best, then I’ll explain how all this can be free

The price of this service is € 499 , but since we know that you will love our work and you are going to recommend it, we will give you € 100 for each referral you bring us .

Hosting and domain for the first year are already included in that price.

In other words, if you tell 5 people who end up hiring it, it is already free.

And not only that, but also from the sixth  we will continue to reward you with € 50 per referral indefinitely .

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So creating your website can not only be free, but you can also get an extra income.

As if that were not enough, the payment method is the simplest, 150 € entry and the rest you will pay 30 days after the first day that your page is available on the network.

If in those 30 days you get a referral, we will deduct it directly from the invoice.

If you are interested in this service, you just have to write to us at [email protected] and we will immediately contact you so that you can have your website up and running in less than two weeks .

How to win money with a blog

Personally for me, the best way to earn money with a blog is not looking for advertisers to propose things to them, not even selling courses (which works in many cases, but I don’t like it), but using banners that you only have to put a code and affiliates .

Programmatic advertising for your website, the ones that pay the most!

Affiliate Marketing, Is It The Best Advertising There Is?

You can buy courses online, but it’s all free on the internet

The online courses is a BOOM, with which many people are making a lot of money and I do not criticize it as for example does this pathetic article from El Confidencial

Selling an online course seems to me just as legal as the one that does and sells a master’s degree at a prestigious university . And even many of these online courses are more up-to-date than the topics that a 60-year-old university professor can teach you, who has not grown up with the internet.

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But trust me, you don’t need to spend money , there are a lot of blogs like this and even better ones that explain how to do anything for free .

And ready! This is all you need to know to create a blog , with all its necessary extensions, to make it grow from there. The most important thing is to make good articles that are useful to the reader. Don’t forget to think of them more than yourself.

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