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By Jeff Webb October 13, 2020 Business, Fashion

Whether you are small or big, it will certainly sublimate you and will never disappoint you. Bootcut jeans are perfect to wear with heels and cropped jackets. Rock Trend Discover the jeans White Opting for sculpting or lengthening jeans is a perfect solution if you would like to slim the legs or seem a bit taller! The wow effect is ensured and your silhouette is refined. Mix it with a style belt, one of your present jackets and you’re prepared to be trendy and comfortable all day! Which jeans for your body type?

Summer and winter, jeans are an integral piece of our wardrobe. And for good reason, lace adheres to all our appearance desires: you simply have to combine your jeans judiciously so that they move from casual to ultra chic!

Fall-Winter 2020 fashion fad – Rock How to utilize the Rock look?

Tunics, jacquard sweaters, jackets and leather-look shorts, among other stone: our  ideas gul ahmed glamorous stone collection was created in Tourcoing with fire and combines low costs with a nice growth in sizes to suit all women; values ​​which are near to our hearts in Blancheporte.

Would you want to wake up the rocker in you? Follow our tips and guidance to create a stone woman look in the blink of an eye. White Push-up straight jeans Unbeatable, straight jeans, also known as straight or regular, adapt to all body types and flatter contours. It goes with your style pieces: knitted sweaters, patterned t-shirts… Do not be afraid to decide on a colorful model for much more fashion! Rock Trend

Rock Trend

Are you ready to embrace the rock trend? You know what!

More stylish than ever, flare jeans will succeed! Adjusted in the hips, then widens from the thighs to get a soft retro silhouette. Worn with one of your favourite shirts, it functions equally well for a classic casual appearance as it’s elegant. This season, our stylists are observing the Rock style! Mix of flowers and faux leather, fishnet and rock details… This fashion charms us with its gently rebellious spirit.

Composing a female and unique rock look requires a couple of essential pieces that will quickly become crucial in your wardrobe: simply blend rock’n’roll bits with your essentials to write your outfit. By way of instance, you can bet on a very long flower-print skirt with a short leather-look jacket and a black mesh t-shirt. Still another thought, zipped leggings with a red and black floral tunic: an outfit as comfortable as it is glamorous! If you would like to show off your pretty thighs, faux frock design  leather shorts will go wonderfully with a jacquard sweater. In regards to shoes and accessories, the suede-effect studded boots and multi-row rhinestone bracelets would be the best allies!

Straight cut, bootcut shape, near the human body or broad, stretch material, high or low waist… In Blancheporte, we study every one of our women’s jeans in our collection to adapt them into your own body types, to different sizes and to fulfill your own expectations. Which jeans to select? What are the latest trends? Follow the guide and find expert advice from our stylists to pick the perfect jeans. Lengthening jeans Tapered 7/8 jeans

What is the

Why choose between style and comfort?

The jeans effect push-up showcases the gorgeous curves apart from being pleasant to wear… jeans effect push-up suits all body types. Pair it with a cropped top or tucked in shirt and belt and you’ll be the prettiest. Rock Trend Fall-winter design: the new season is going to be stone! View all pants

Frequently, rock fashion is defined by a total black look. In Blancheporte, we like to distill it with a pretty passionate crimson, for a more feminine look than ever. The rock trend gives pride of place to studded or unstructured information, slims and leggings, stone’n’roll coats or even checked shirts. The gowns and skirts are also welcome! We enjoy them in published crepe or  khaadi sale pleated lace to get their own glamorous and classy side.

100% comfort, 7/8 jeans are great for extending the thighs and shaping the shape: this particular cut of jeans is guaranteed to embellish you! It slightly shows the ankles and gives you a feminine appearance to perfection… Do not forget to finish it with pretty accessories for a whole set.

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