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Autumn is the season that inspires sophistication, when the blue, orange and yellow of summer are a little more aside giving way to dark red, and more sober tones! And it is in this wave that the Titanium Jeans brand brings its new fall / winter 2017 Essência Colonial collection!

For those who still don’t know, Titanium Jeans is an evangelical and executive fashion brand that has been on the market for ten years.

Always looking to bring pieces of good quality and tuned in fashion, in fact it can be said that Titanium brings in Q of fashionism in its collections.

Colonial Essence Collection

A rush of fresh air that exhales from the field. So is the Essência Colonial Collection, which arrives to oxygenate tuned wardrobes and give sophistication to the confident woman, who knows that beauty does not have to be synonymous with exposed skin.

This fall / winter innovation is striking in the Titanium atmosphere. Whether in exclusive prints such as floral mix and animal print or in jeans with washes strategically designed to enhance the silhouette bonanza satrangi .

The high technology of the fabrics contrasts with the artisanal process of luxurious embroidery, resulting in pieces full of personality. And the colors that are winter hits, such as marsala, red and the black and white classics, take turns between fluid and structured pieces, in a mix a

skirt blouse long dress marsalatitanium jeans blog

The new Titanium collection arrived modern and authentic, showing that beauty is also a matter of style. A powerful complement for the woman who preserves her principles and inspires attitude.

The collection is really very different and authentic, exudes femininity, but strength too. The details of the pieces, such as rose embroidery , transparency on the sleeves, lace on the collar, mix of prints that we love, ruffles on shirts and skirts and applications in stones, enrich and enhance the collection!

The more sober colors like black, the mix of black and white and marsala bring a touch of classic and timeless, but it is also possible to find slightly more open colors like green and red, in addition to the prints nishat linen.

The collection is very sophisticated with fine fabrics and very good taste, regardless of whether you are basic, romantic or classic, Titanium Jeans brought beautiful clothing options for all styles! We love the Essence Colonial collection and you will find our favorite products in this selection of Titanium Jeans news . And have you managed to choose your favorites? Tell us in the comments!

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