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Gradually it came arriving and when we saw it had already dominated the world of fashion, the famous picnic tablecloth print is with everything or popularly Vichy plaid or also called Gingham.

But after all, what is the origin of the print?

Coming from Europe, more specifically in France, in the city of Vichy (so why the name), the place became known for manufacturing a cotton fabric with the pattern for aprons and T-shirts frock design

The print began its first steps in fashion around the 1930s, stamping the classic well-belted dresses of midi or max length in haute couture, used by ladies of high society.

But it was in 1950 that it gained its expression with the iconic Brigitte Bardot, the print gained its post as chic and stylish. The actress came to be considered one of the greatest influences in the fashion world, by time magazine. Both in films and in the daily life of the actress she used several Vichy patterns. But the pinnacle was when she wore a wedding dress all in Vichy plaid, with actor Jacques Charrier.

It’s the chess of the day!

From then on the Vichy print had its ups and downs in fashion. From more pin up styles, even folk culture adhere.

Taking a huge time jump, we come to today. And we know when a trend is going to catch on, and that was the case for our darling Vichy plaid, so much so, that we don’t care that it looks like a picnic blanket, not least because fashion reinvents itself, in which case we can find modern and fashionista pieces , for you to find the style that suits you best.

floral vichy print

It is a print that combines with all seasons, as we saw last winter and that still continues with everything in summer 2018. Vichy stands out from the other types of plaid, for being simple, with well defined size and colors.

Bet on blouses, skirts, pants and dresses. Making a production with mixes ideas gul ahmed of prints also matches very well, as animal prints, stripes, dust, leather and jeans, combine perfectly with the plaid print.

We can make another type of combination, for example, in monochromatic looks. The tailoring pieces that have everything this summer, is also a great request for production.

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