There is no doubt that every consumer loves a promotion! When they realize that they have discounts or advantages, people tend to consume more, even if the item purchased is not of primary need. That’s why making a winter sale to the clothing store is an interesting strategy.

However, this is not the only reason that makes the action necessary. To understand the importance of winter settlement, it is necessary to analyze the scenario we are experiencing and understand how this action can bring profits to your business.

We have created a list of the top 5 reasons to invest in a winter sale at the clothing store. Stay with us and learn more!

5 reasons to invest in a winter sale at the clothing store

1. We are in a collection transition period
Spring is coming and with it a new collection of clothes. Therefore, in the coming months, the interest of consumers will be in the parts of the new season. If you need to sell winter clothes, the time is now. Therefore, it is worth creating a good settlement to boost sales, clearing space in the inventory for the entry of news.

2. You need to increase inventory turnover

As we just talked about, increasing the clothing store’s inventory turnover is necessary so that you can make room for the pieces in the new collections.

When doing a winter sale, more people will be interested in buying from you! Along with discounts, you can develop visual merchandising and social media strategies , selling even more and getting a good turnover sapphire online.

3. The promotion helps to recover the money invested

If you have winter pieces that “ran aground” in the store, you need to sell them as soon as possible. If you are unable to do this now, it is likely that they will be standing on the shelves for a long time, as the next seasons will be hot and people will not need cold clothes.

Winter settlement helps to at least make it possible to recover the amount invested, even if you do not have a large profit. Thus, you can use the amount to invest in more spring / summer pieces, for example.

4. The current moment calls for strategies to move the store

We are experiencing a moment of resumption of business, after a major recess caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Most cities and states are already making trade more flexible and people are gradually returning to the stores to buy.

Therefore, you need to develop tactics to call your audience back, always in a safe manner, guaranteeing basic items for disease prevention, such as alcohol gel. A winter sale, therefore, can be the ideal opportunity to bring in new customers and also sell other products, which are not at a reduced price.

It is also interesting that your clothing store continues to invest in online sales, through channels such as WhatsApp and Telegram . It is very likely that you won customers who prefer the digital medium, during the period of social isolation. Keep betting on this audience and get more income for your business, making the settlement sales also through online channels.

5. The economy begins to show signs of recovery

After a difficult period for everyone, the economy is showing signs of recovery. Proof of this are data presented by the president of the Central Bank, in a report by the magazine Isto É Dinheiro .

With more money entering the domestic economy, consumers will buy again, like clothing. However, as the recovery is happening at a slow pace, stores that offer more discounts or advantages will have priority. This is where winter sale comes in as a good opportunity for those people who want to buy, but without spending a lot.

Did you see how making a winter sale for the nishat linen online clothing store is important? It is also interesting that you have a good number of pieces to offer customers. If your quantities are not so expressive, a good opportunity is to stock up on promotions of up to 50% of Liquida Inverno Revanche .

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