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This campaign carried out by Colmeia and IMP contributes to increase the dissemination and awareness of domestic and family violence against women. “They frequently feel cornered and do not understand what action to take. Like, for instance, making a complaint by phoning 180. A public provider, confidential and free, provided by the National Secretariat of Policies for Women”, says Maria da Penha president and founder of IMP. If you want a profitable business to work in the comfort of your home, then Renting Moda Colmeia is an excellent option. The trend of using pearls in clothes is something that really came to stay! Along with utilizing these in accessories, pearls are currently falling in the taste of fashionistas and therefore are emerging embroidered on clothing. There’s not any way to not fall in love with this tendency. “It is well known why girls are unable to denounce domestic violence, among other important things, one of which is economic dependence. Colmeia has helped thousands of women in their empowerment, by creating income and jobs. This is a way that we must contribute to the social construction with regard to the dignity of women”, states businesswoman Celeste Girão. Embroidered seems are chic with no effort, as pearls currently have that air of frock design .

How about gambling with this trend which will make all the difference?

The Maria da Penha Law completed 13 years this past month, with the objective of drawing attention to women’s rights, Colmeia – a women’s clothing resale brand and the Maria da Penha Institute (IMP) established the effort”I do not accept dread. Flying is my right”. The sale of T-shirts will revert to the Maria da Penha Institute (IMP), which develops projects with the goal of generating reflection and promoting changes in taxpayers’ attitudes regarding family and domestic violence against women. Therefore, if you’re looking for stylish and sophisticated looks in the ideal measure, pearl-detail looks are the option of the moment! Along with receiving reports of ideas gul ahmed violence against women, Ligue 180 additionally receives complaints about the assistance of the women’s service community and advises women on their rights and current legislation, referring them to other support services when needed.

You can participate by purchasing a T-shirt with the beautiful logo

of the effort or an extremely fashionable jeans bag together with the kinds of violence and protective measures within the Maria da Penha Law stamped on the interior of the bag. To purchase only look for among the Colmeia resellers in your city. To be part of our team and become one of our resellers, you can enroll online and purchase all your bits through our online store. This is far more convenience and time for you! Additionally, for purchases over R 1,000.00, you don’t cover shipping.

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