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By Jeff Webb October 19, 2020 Tech

We know your situation: you want your own website, but there are so many hosting options out there that it seems impossible to decide: which one to choose ?!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of The email shop, a company that offers domain names and hosting at lower prices than their competitors in the market. In this detailed review, we take a closer look at The email shop and answer the following questions:

🏆 SHOULD I choose The email shop over COMPETITORS ? 🔍 WHICH OF THE HOSTING PLANS IS RIGHT FOR you? 🔨 SO WEBSITE BUILDERS – are they worth a try? 💰 Can you get THE EMAIL SHOP SERVICES EVEN cheaper?

First, we will briefly examine the background and history of the company to see if it is reliable . We’ll go into detail about their services later. Finally, we will convey our decision to you and provide answers to the above questions.

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Let’s share a few numbers so you can understand how wide The email shop is: the company currently has close to 30 million customers in more than 170 other countries (ie almost every country in the world!), Not just the US, UK, India and Indonesia .

And there is no slowing down – according to its data, The email shop is still growing at a rate of 1 customer every 5 seconds.

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Of course, as you’d expect, The email shop was n’t always the international giant it is now. It started in 2004 as a humble “Hosting Media” in Lithuania, which is small but rapidly growing and located in the Northeast region of the European Union.

The founders of The email shop didn’t aim to follow the crowds and create a casual hosting service – they based the company on an innovative idea:

People don’t want to pay for our marketing costs, they want simple, reliable and cheap hosting as possible.

For many years, this principle still stands at the heart of what The email shop is aiming for – high quality services at a near-zero price.

But how does The email shop maintain such a competitive edge? – You are right to ask – In other words, how does it manage to keep its prices low while keeping quality high? I’ll explain soon – but first, let’s look at the product itself:

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Which hosting plan is right for you?

The email shop has several different hosting types with multiple pricing plans on their official website. This makes it difficult to choose just one, given the variety of additional services and features available for free depending on the plan.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and try to understand the basic hosting components – this will allow us to narrow our selection and reach the final result.

We’ll go over all three of The email shop’s hosting service types, but first take a look at this little table. This table summarizes the most important differences between hosting types and outlines the most common use cases:

Web hosting Enterprise hosting VPS hosting

Ease of Use Easy Easy / Medium Medium / Hard
For whom? Individuals and small businesses Medium and large businesses Developers and programmers

To Learn More Click: uk mail exchange Control degree Standard features Advanced features Complete control Performance Sufficient for small to medium sized websites High performance for larger sites and online projects Medium and high depending on the plan Growth area Strict – Need to upgrade to another hosting plan Flexible – more resources can be added “on the road” Very flexible – individual control of resources

Wage level Cheap Middle Flexible

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