Summer days call for lightness, comfort and freshness when setting up productions. – evanstonbaptistchurch

By Jeff Webb October 23, 2020 Business, Fashion

So bet on short looks and be happy!

Single piece Want practicality and versatility when dressing? Invest in a dress and go! The shorter models bring the necessary freedom on summer days . After all, what matters is not to get hot and look beautiful. Get out now

The fluidity and easy going touch that your look needs in summer can be found in short skirts. The combinations are endless, you can wear t-shirts , tank tops, croppeds . For every occasion of your day you have a skirt to call your own.

Shorts of the time Shorts are one of the most beloved pieces of hot days . The outfit goes well with several top models and can go not only to the sand, but also to the party, in an uncomplicated way. Invest in accessories and choose between the low, jump or sneaker, but enjoy your summer!

Still in the verve of unique pieces, the little monkey is another wild card when it comes to dressing in the warmer months. After all, whether printed or plain, monochromatic or colored, betting on the short piece is what makes all the nishat difference in the summer look .

After choosing your short summer looks, how about checking out our liqui clothes with up to 50% off ? This is the time to buy your favorite piece from the spring and summer collections. Enjoy!

Daytime Party Looks

January is really a festive month , we are full of willingness and willingness to live the days of light and sun.

So it is common for the agenda to be full of celebrations. Outdoor celebrations are a way to make the most of the season. See our selection of looks for parties during the day!

Lightness and freshness
Our choices, of course, are clear and light productions, perfect for hot days. sapphire online Dresses are our best allies. Whether for more formal events or even more casual parties, like drinks with friends near the sea. In celebrations that usually take place in the morning, such as baptisms and celebrations with the little ones, our tip is to bet on pieces with light sleeves . Delicate dresses , fresh in the right measure.

The turn of prints

More informal birthdays, graduations and weddings can welcome a little color and relaxation. Therefore, midi dresses , light floral and soft prints are our suggestions for daytime events between family and friends.

Vibrant shades Day party looks Barbecues, lunches and brunches make room for more colorful, cheerful and casual looks. Printed dresses , with energetic tones and a more tropical vibe are our favorites for more lively parties during the day.

But we can’t talk about a tropical vibe without remembering the summer parties. Drinks by the pool, parties facing the sea. In other words, a golden opportunity to use and abuse dresses with warm colors , flowers and bossa , as we do not give up this season.

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