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By Jeff Webb September 15, 2020 Tech

77% of those working people in Germany could be attained outside of their regular working hours through their mobile phone or by email. 71 percent of employees also use their private mobile device for specialist purposes. These figures from representative surveys released by the business association Bitkom reveal that the classic office has finally lost its monopoly position for a, the e-mails and the calendar should also be on the employees’ mobile devices.So as to satisfy the new requirements of the modern professional world, contemporary programs are also required. Exchange Online from

microsoft business email is an expert alternative for e-mails, calendars and contact maintenance – especially for use on the go. Whether with a

tablet or smartphone computer: With Exchange Online, employees can securely access hosted e-mails, address books and calendar

entries anywhere.

Exchange Online offers flexible and secure access to hosted email, address books and calendars.Mobile, flexible and scalable: e-mails, contacts & calendar anytime and anywhereA hosted e-mail solution such as Exchange Online makes more sense than another e-mail server, particularly for smaller businessesThis enables companies to take a professional course without having to make the high investments in expensive software and hardware for an on-premise setup. This manner, companies can save on the expenses for permits for Exchange servers as well as for backup, antivirus and spam filters, both the machine hardware and the running costs such as maintenance and electricity. Most firms with few employees don’t have trained IT specialists or even their own IT department. Additionally, this is not mandatory with an online service such as Exchange Online. It is not the business that

takes care of technical tasks such as ongoing operations, essential patches or updates, but microsoft business email. Instead of having to keep

your own Exchange server and taking care of the many accompanying systems like backup, spam and virus protection, employees can focus on their real activities.This implies that even companies with few employees can benefit from the many advantages of a professional program from the cloud – in an attractive price.The alternative has numerous calendar, address book and task functions for uncomplicated and transparent scheduling. When a share is set up, it’s possible to get the calendars of coworkers. Meetings, customer demonstrations and so on can be organized better and deadline crashes are relegated to the kingdom of their past.When compared with conventional IMAP mailboxes for free or easy, hosted e-mail services targeted at private clients, Exchange Online scores together with the easy synchronization of contact and calendar information. Exchange Online provides a much better summary with a whole Assortment of purposes:Powerful filters allow messages to be automatically pre-sorted to folders.E-mails are easily tagged or assigned to categories of your choice for improved monitoring.Spam e-mails no more induce chaos from the mailbox: Thanks to some learning spam filter, undesirable e-mails are automatically sorted out when utilizing Exchange Online.By the way: You can easily activate the absence assistant during your vacation. Depending on the settings, this sends automatic out-of-office messages into your own contacts or to all senders.The”interaction” between an Outlook set up locally on the computer (such as Outlook 2016, which is contained in Office 365) along with the accessibility options from cellular devices functions extremely well in the Exchange environment. E-mails, appointments and contacts are also available offline on your own computer and are synchronized with Exchange Online when the online connection is restored. While on the move, users may use programs such as Apple Mail to check emails, organize appointments and program meetings via tablet or smartphone , or even use the Outlook app, which will be available for iOS, Android or Windows apparatus.Do you already have your own domain name for your business? Then you will surely want to use this to your e-mails too. You can achieve this very easily with Exchange Online without having to move your domain . The connection of your email domain name with Exchange Online or Office 365 is carried out for you by the TelekomCLOUD portal’s customer services.Another advantage – especially from the perspective of start-ups or smaller businesses – is that the scalability of Exchange: When the organization grows and the amount of employees grows , additional mailboxes can readily be added. Exchange Online shows very well that with Office 365 that the magnitude of a provider no longer things. However young or small – every company can now get a professional and tailor-made infrastructure.Exchange Online works and featuresThe Various functions and features of Exchange on the Internet Can be used on the following mobile devices:iPhoneiPadIPod signatureAndroid smartphonesAndroid tabletsWindows PhoneOutlook Program for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch: The best way to install Exchange Online on your iOS apparatus Here is how to install Microsoft Outlook in your own iOS mobile device:After the download, start the app.Go to”Get Started” and”Insert Mail Account”.Enter your entire email address and select”Add Account”.Enter your password that is associated with the email accounts.Outlook currently carries out the setup automatically.Setup Exchange Online with the iOS Mail appIf your mobile device isn’t compatible with the Outlook program for iOS or if you want to use another e-mail app, you may set up Apple Mail, for instance.In your iOS apparatus go to”Settings> E-Mail, Messenger, Contacts > Add Account”Enter your entire email address including password and description and tap on”Next”.Outlook now carries out the setup . Should you need to make manual server configurations, you will find here at the”POP and IMAP settings for Exchange-based email” helpful tips.Eventually,

you may choose the apps to sync your iOS device. Once”Save” you can use your email account.

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