And, the fashion industry remains the second most polluting in the world. Luxury companies have faced great pressure from consumers and authorities in relation to their large, extremely polluting production chain.

In France, the birthplace of fashion, President Emanuel Macron hired a secretary from the Ministry of Ecology who has been struggling to monitor fashion for its negative impact. The luxury sector begins to wake up and realize that the only way out is green fashion the Oscar took place, in addition to glamorous costumes, sustainability was also present at the awards. The theme went on to the whole world, gaining prominence in celebrities’ clothes and speeches. The It reviews , company that already encourages and works with second – hand clothes, separated the main looks that gained notoriety, to again prove that this market is the future!

Actress Saoirse Ronan wore a beautiful black Gucci dress with peplum.

Where’s the sustainability in that? The brand reused the BAFTA award dress to make the piece worn by the celebrity at the Oscars.

Lea Seydoux also wore sustainable fashion at night, wearing a white Louis Vuitton dress. The piece was developed by Nicolas Ghesquière, creative director of the French house, using only materials from sustainable sources, such as organic silk.

Those who follow and like fashion, realized that vintage is the big trend.

Actress Margot Robbie, appeared at the awards wearing a Couture dress from Channel, created in 1994. Much like the dress worn by Claudia Schiffer during the fashion week of the same year.

Who won the highlight on the awards night was actress Jane Fonda, winner of two Oscars in 1970. Jane is part of the Fire Drill Fridays movement and has been arrested several times for protests. Today, he is one of the most nishat linen online influential American celebrities in the field of environmental activism.

In addition to appearing with a beautiful dress that she had already worn at another award, the celebrity took the stage in a red coat, as a form of protest, and announced that it would be the last piece she bought.

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