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By Jeff Webb November 11, 2020 Business, Fashion

But the beret always arrives with the lower temperatures of this fall / winter, and promises to give an up in many looks out there!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but other decades are influencing what we see on the streets in recent seasons. Various accessories and items from the 80s and 90s have resurfaced and are gaining a lot of space!

For those who are not familiar with head accessories, it may seem like a complicated novelty to adhere to. But have you ever stopped to think that not everything always has to be the same? It is good for us to get out of the conventional, to test new possibilities. At these times, a different piece in the look can yield several compliments and leave you with self-esteem up there!

We will try? We have listed some tips for you to know better and know how to use the beret:

1) What are the beret models? Check out some models Meet the beret models

source: Pinterest

2) How to assemble looks with a beret? In more formal looks:

Combine the accessory with tailoring pieces, such as blazer and flare pants. Ah! A tip: Enjoy your coat to be worn as a dress.

Half pants, boots and pieces that demarcate the waist more are excellent compositions.

In more informal looks:
The beret can be a super fun element to wear. It blends a lot with young styles, like high school, hypster, rocker and many others.

You can use them both with your hair up and down, it depends on your style!

Find out more about berets this fall winterHighlight or complement, you decide:
If the choice of your beret was something that turns between the most basic and neutral feel free to choose more striking pieces in the rest of the look. Stronger colors, prints or shine for example. With the most striking berets, the opposite happens. If the beret that enchanted you has that vibrant color or more details, it is worth balancing your look with other more discreet pieces that give space to your beret to be the highlight.

There are plenty of beret options. There are variations in models and materials, some are made of leather, felt, jeans, velvet and many others. We have listed some examples for you to get inside:

Cap style caps
Cap-style berets are among the most sought after. Because they are more structured, they need more attention when combining the look. The ideal is to avoid combinations that refer to the nautical style, such as navy blue and white stripes, so that it does not look too caricatured and look like a fantasy.

It goes very well with more sophisticated and elegant looks, such as pencil skirts, blouses and scarpins.

At the same time, these berets also look beautiful with more fashionista looks. See that it is very versatile and only depends on its combination:

Cap style cap

Knitting and crochet berets
Berets made of knitting and crochet are the best options if you are more stripped. Unlike hats and caps, they usually fall more, backwards or to the side. A good tip is to do that harmonization between beret and scarf in the  rang rasiya same shades. They look beautiful combined with block heel booties.

Berets will trend in autumn and winter French Berets

French berets won this name because in addition to appearing as part of the country’s military uniform, the accessory was linked to the image of great French painters, such as Picasso.

This model is super versatile because it fits well in most biotypes.

Therefore, it is a bet without many risks, in addition to looking good with most looks.

Click here and see how to wear berets this fall / winterBerets are rang rasiya timeless and can be used in both cold and heat. In addition, they can be excellent allies for the bad hair day (those days when the hair is not the way we want it and the solution is to hide it).

If you already have yours and didn’t even remember to use it, you can take it from the bottom of the closet because it’s a trend! If not, run to the nearest Fair Shop and buy yours (or yours, hahaha). Keep following us on Pinterest and Instagram too .

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