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By Jeff Webb October 2, 2020 Tech

A fresh seasonal event is underway in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – House Valentione wants your help with matters of the heart.

Each considers they are perfectly suited to provide insight and advice for the property’s lovelorn, but which will win the function? Well, that’s largely up to you. As a portion of the most romantic of occasions, you will have a chance to vote on which of those three you believe is most deserving. Not only that, you are going to receive special rewards according to who you pick. Be aware that you’ve only got a while to initiate the pursuit and throw your vote you can do this from today until February 9, 2020. Then, the results of the competition will be announced and players can enjoy the rest of the event before February 17, 2020. You may still initiate the quest and earn rewards once the voting has finished, but you’ll want to participate at the beginning if you would like to help influence your choice!

For complete event timings and reward details, please Have a Look at the ffxiv data centres Online Lodestone:

Visit the Lodestone

Valentione’s Day is but one of many seasonal events that exist in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online throughout the year.

For example, just a few weeks back Heavensturn marked the birth of a New Year with a fresh quest, new gear and some fun surprises. Or, right now, Moogle Treasure Trove – The Hunt for Soldiery occasion is live. It jobs players with finishing various duties to earn rewards, such as some items which are unique to the event. So it is worth taking time to go to the world of Hydaelyn frequently — there is always something fresh to see and do. Learn more in the Lodestone

If you have yet to experience one of these events, or really the entire world of ffxiv world status Online whatsoever, then now is the perfect time to leap in.

The game is designed to be among the most accessible MMORPGs readily available, and also the quality of life enhancements introduced since launching have only made it easier to get started. If you’re thinking of joining, you have a couple alternatives available.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Total Edition: Get this if you want the full ffxiv data center split Online experience. It gives you the original game, in addition to all expansion packs, including the most recent, Shadowbringers — that’s hundreds of hours-worth of story, quests, dungeons and much more.

It gives you the original A Realm Reborn encounter (including all its content upgrades ), and permits you to play all the way up to degree 50.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Free Trial: In case you just want to dip your toe in the sport, here is a cost-free way to achieve that. The Free Trial lets you play through some of A Realm Reborn’s story and amount all courses and jobs up to par 35. It’s a excellent method of getting a taste for the sport before you spend any money.

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