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By Jeff Webb November 23, 2020 Business, Fashion

So it is super important to be attentive to the looks you use for work, to be able to balance your tastes with the appropriate level of formality for each situation, giving a positive impression according to the environment.

To clear up your doubts on how to compose looks for your work, we have listed some tips on elegant and harmonic compositions for you to be inspired.

1. Formal work:
The more refined the fabric and the finishing of the pieces, the better! The key word for looks for formal jobs is seriousness. Invest in the most discreet compositions, with more neutral colors and delicate prints.

2. Get out pencil:
Key piece in the wardrobe, the pencil skirt has a classic cut that is luxurious in all sizes and colors. Tip: the skirt should be just below or just above the knees. Very charming and authentic option!

3. The suits:

They are super versatile pieces and convey a very formal and sophisticated image. Combining the suits with a skirt is an option to create a very elegant, modern and feminine look. The advantage of colder and / or neutral colors is being able to combine them more easily, both with tailoring-style skirts and pants.

4. Dresses:
And dresses are also on our list! They are timeless pieces and give femininity to the look. Just don’t overdo it with exaggerated necklines and very short models. To keep up, don’t forget your best friend right now: the pantyhose. sana safinaz sale!

5. Less formal jobs:
If your workplace allows for more informality, it is worth making a mix of serious compositions with the most casual. Here, we can use and abuse the combinations of blazer with shirt! The prints and fabrics are more free, and can be colored or have embroidery, lace, etc. To not make the look so serious, bet on more casual pants to balance. The result is you modern and very charming!

Dresses do not leave the wardrobe of less formal jobs. On the contrary, they are a great option both for the beauty and charm they carry, as well as for comfort! Ideal for your daily life to be lighter and, if applicable, colorful.

Flowery, lacy, embroidered…. More ideas for inspiration:

8. Casual work:
For work environments that allow for more casual and creative looks, it is worth investing in T-shirts, jeans and even skirts or shorts.

blouse shirt via tolentino via evangelica

As the level of demand is much lower, it is easier to choose what to wear! Always prioritize what is most comfortable in the wardrobe, in addition to accessories to complete the look with a golden key and lots of personality.

Get inspired: several prints, models, shapes and colors are part of the most casual look!

It is better to avoid…:

1. Looks very exotic or printed too much;

2. Lingerie on display

3. Transparencies, lush necklines and loaded makeup, which give an air of casualness and sensuality that has nothing to do with the work environment.

In addition to the clothes, other details also favor a harmonious and elegant look khaadi pret sale:

accessories that match the makeup! Handbags and jewelry are a good choice to complement your look according to your style – discretion for more formal environments, always!

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