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By Jeff Webb October 20, 2020 Business, Fashion

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On a daily basis, it is common for flaps and leftover fabrics to accumulate at the place of manufacture. To free up space for new fabrics, it is often necessary to get rid of the scraps. Fortunately, the smartest – and most profitable – way to do this is to reuse them to create new articles .

Selling these handicrafts, especially when they are done with care and have a good finish, is a great way to make a profit . Whether to sell at home, online or at craft fairs, it is important to consider all product ideas before defining what will be done.

In this post, we have gathered several suggestions for articles and accessories that can be made to take advantage of fabric scraps. Check out!

Easily found in several types of handicrafts, the yo – yos are rounded and stitched flaps at the ends. The adornment can be used in different ways, be it in articles such as pillows, clothes and slippers or composing accessories such as tiaras, barrettes and bags.

So, to take advantage of fabric scraps making

– yos, cut rounded patterns – they need to be twice the size you want for the yo – yo ready.

Watch the video from the Drica TV channel , which teaches you step by step how to make a flower yo – yo:
More than preventing hair from disturbing your vision, tiaras and bands add personality and are increasingly popular in women’s fashion, regardless of age.

To create the structure of the accessory, you can use a hair bow or wire. The tip is to develop different types and sizes of tiaras and bands, both for children, teenagers and adult women.

patchwork of fabric can turn

It is also possible to play with prints and create a beautiful mix of patterns for the accessory. Another alternative that can add even more value to the product is to make it in a double-sided version, which can be used on both sides.

Check out this tutorial on the Faço e Costuro channel , which teaches you how to make a tiara using our supermicrofiber! Handbags

An indispensable accessory in looks, the bag is a great way to sobia nazir fabric scraps, since it can be produced in any size, style and print.

The most common versions, made with patchwork scraps , are produced in the totem, wallet and chest style. Simple and quick to make, handmade bags are gaining space in streetwear , in addition to being present in parades and catwalks.

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Cell phone or tablet port
Another way to take advantage of fabric scraps is to make covers for cell phones and tablets . The choice of the type and color of the flap will dictate the tone of the accessory, which can be printed and colored or in a minimalist version, with nishatlinen plain and sober colors .

To make them, prefer thicker fabrics, which will really protect the device from possible impacts. Lining the cover with foam is also a good alternative.

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