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Wearing high heels is not the only way to look taller . Many women find it uncomfortable or believe that it does not match the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, there are several other style tricks that help to give the impression that the person has a few inches more. So you don’t have to be held hostage by the jump!

The secret is to balance the proportions of the look and prioritize clothes and accessories that create a vertical and continuity line. And, following the same reasoning, avoid horizontal information, which gives a visual break effect.

Did it look complicated? Rest assured that we will show you what kind of clothes to wear to look taller .

Use this guide to create new looks with your wardrobe pieces and to make more assertive purchases in the future.

Some combinations can “shorten” or “lengthen” the silhouette, even if you don’t have that goal in mind, so keep an eye on these tips.

Read on to discover 7 clothing tips to look taller .

Try monochrome looks
A monochromatic look has only one color, and may have different shades – the famous ton sur ton – or not. As the look contains only one color, it creates a fluid line where there is no cut in the silhouette. That sense of continuity makes you look taller.

In addition to lengthening, the monochromatic look is elegant and super hot. This effect also works using similarly colored pieces, as it also provides a visual impact of continuity.

Abuse of the high waist
woman high waisted nishat linen online dress
Investing in the high waist is a style trick often used to gain a few more inches. This model draws attention to the waist, lengthening the silhouette and giving the impression of longer legs.

This type of modeling is a trend and can be used in shorts, pants and skirts without fear.

If you want to enhance this effect, use a high waisted piece with a cropped T-shirt to lengthen the silhouette.

Wear flare pants
Flare pants are a classic in the fashion world and have to be on the clothing list to look taller . Also known as bell bottoms, its modeling is tight on the hip and thigh, getting wider from the knee to the feet.

This model is great for those who want to look taller because we don’t see the end of the leg, giving an effect of continuity. The ideal is that the hem of the pants cover the entire shoe, but without dragging the piece on the floor. Here’s the tip: the longer the pants, the greater the effect.

It looks great on all body types, especially if the goal is to balance the proportions of those with the widest hips or shoulders. At the top, use a cropped or put the shirt inside the pants to mark the waist.

Prefer thin belts
Thin belts and a color similar to clothing draw attention to the waist region, without causing a cut in the silhouette as thicker belts and bands do. The visual impact of this accessory is a way of looking taller without much effort.

Accessories that you have in your closet, such as bands and scarves, when tied around your waist also provide the same effect.

Give the V neckline and high collar a chance

Now it’s time for tips on how to look taller in the upper body.

Stretching the torso region is also a way of looking taller and there are some easy style tricks to put in place.

Calling attention to the upper body makes the person look taller, as we keep our eyes high. This visual perception can be done with the V neckline and the high collar.

These types of neckline draw more attention to the shoulders and give the impression that the torso is longer. The use of long necklaces is also a way to lengthen the silhouette.

Choose shoes with the instep exposed

clothes woman looks tall
A complete look is much more than just clothes, isn’t it? Shoes and accessories make all the difference in the final result and can even give a different look to the clothes.

Regarding shoes, choose a nude, that is, with the closest color possible to your skin. That way, it will not draw attention, giving a feeling of longer legs.

Shoes that leave the instep exposed also have the same effect of continuity, especially if it is nude or the same color as the pants. In addition, showing your ankles by folding the hem of your pants is another trick that helps to stretch.

Finally, prefer pointy shoes, whether they have heels or not. They lengthen the foot and, consequently, the silhouette.

Gaining a few inches in height is easier than you might think. The secret is to look at your wardrobe with more creativity and choose pieces that enhance and lengthen your silhouette. Creating vertical lines and using pieces that give a sense of continuity, like flare pants and monochromatic looks are simple tricks on how to look taller.

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