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Before embarking on the search for your first web hosting partner, take a moment to understand what you are looking for in the relationship. Just as short sleepers avoid dating people who snore, your needs will certainly affect your compatibility with some hosting providers.

Different web hosting patterns will attract multiple users based on your traffic and the size of your website. For example, a high-volume online store shouldn’t cut corners with shared hosting plans.

Shared hosting is great for startups

With shared hosting , multiple websites, as well as clients, share the same server and its resources. This is a classic first-choice material for startups – it’s simple and uncomplicated.

For most startups, it is advisable to turn to shared web hosting packages when entering the world of web hosting, then you can decide when it is time to upgrade to VPS  or dedicated plans as your need requires.

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The main drawback of this is that the server is divided among many other sites, you will notice poor performance if a neighboring website is having a high increase in traffic. If you are really prepared to increase traffic for your startup, you may not want to settle on a shared plan.

However, if you settle for the shared package, price, storage media, and performance are the features to look for. Other differentiating factors include free domain names, e-commerce offerings, and perks like ad credits, updated hardware, and website builders.

VPS Hosting comes with more flexibility for fast growing sites

VPS is a short form of virtual private server . It’s a happy middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. This server is divided into different virtual machines through virtualization that act as independent servers. Clients on VPS also share a server. However, on a VPS, each of the clients has greater control and larger portions than those with a shared hosting plan. The key difference is that you get allocated resources – no matter what is happening at neighboring sites, yours will work perfectly.

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Since you can remove or add additional computing resources according to your needs, a VPS hosting plan is a great option for serious startup owners. You will have a more serious relationship with the server and someone on standby to help you whenever you experience an itch that needs to be scratched.

The most popular VPS hosts will typically include high-speed SSD storage and managed services for software updates and patches. Depending on your technical comfort levels, you may want to consider hiring a developer. VPS hosting requires some command line interface knowledge. If you are going to run a Linux-based VPS (which is the most popular option), you will need to familiarize yourself with some console commands for the system. While the learning curve is pretty steep initially, it gets easier once you learn the basic logic behind it.

What type of business site are you creating?

Just as the amount of traffic or server load affects the type of hosting plan you choose, your startup type will dictate the must-have features as well. For example, some hosting providers focus on promoting e-commerce functionality, while others focus on blogging and search engine optimization.

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WordPress is great for blogging

If your online startup resonates around content management, WordPress is an easy choice for you. With over a quarter of all websites on the internet and recently crossing the 28% mark of CMS market share, WordPress is the deal for a writer looking to share their thoughts online. Apparently, you’ll find that all hosts offer one-click WordPress installs, but the best providers will include unlimited storage and bandwidth, updated hardware, pre-installed programs, real-time support, and a dedicated WordPress experience.


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