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By Jeff Webb October 20, 2020 Business, Fashion

Can you guess which piece we are talking about? If you thought about denim, you guessed it. Our tips for today are looks with jeans. Besides praising this piece that it saves any production, let’s talk a little about its history and, of course, show how to give a refresh to the look using the jeans of each day.

The various types of pants are perfect to compose a versatile closet and ready for various occasions. But we have to agree that there is no more stylish clothes for every time than jeans. That’s because since its origin, the piece has taken on a utilitarian verve and prepared for the challenges of everyday life.

Feel that there is history… And it does come! Jeans have been present in looks for over 200 years. Throughout these two centuries of existence, the piece has been a symbol of many historical movements in society. A true history lesson through clothes.

The beginnings of jeans

First of all, we have a news: jeans were not born jeans as we know them today. How not? Well, in the year 1792, in the city of Nîmes, France, denim was manufactured for the first time. The name of the fabric means in a very literal translation like that of Nîmes .

The original denim was quite different from the model we know today. Their khaadi sale weaves were more sophisticated and made with silk and wool threads. But what about jeans as we know them? When and how did it start to take shape? The traditional jeans of beloved trousers began to be manufactured in the city of Genoa, Italy.

There, the fabric gained body and soul until it received the indigo color, the basic and original part.

But calmly, fame did not start in Italian lands.

The origin of jeans Looks with jeans Photos: Shutterstock and Reproduction

The rise of jeans has a name that was fundamental for clothing to have the status it has today. He’s Levi Strauss. In 1851, he migrated from his country to the United States and there jeans took their first steps. Strauss arrived in the region in the middle of the Gold Rush.

The meeting between the German and the tailor Jacob Davis took place in the city of San Francisco. The American created metal pieces that facilitated the opening of pants for mining workers. Together, in 1873, they patented the garment that revolutionized the clothing of the workers of the period and thus marked fashion forever.

Let’s take a leap in the years to bring women into the history of jeans. Before, the piece was widely used only by workers. But from the 1950s, jeans landed in the women’s closet and never left the looks. That is why, today, almost 70 years later, we continue to talk about this beloved piece.

How to make the look with jeans even cooler?

We have the answers and we are going to show you different ways of using some models of jeans. After the story, it’s time for practice!

Skinny pants + tailoring Looks with jeans Photos> InStyle and Maria Filó

When the more casual look of jeans meets tailoring , the result is a match for no one to be defective. Even more so because this duo can easily move between more than one style, such as contemporary and casual chic , for example. Thus, the trouser definitely signs its versatility contract.

All this versatile side provides something incredible: a multitude of combinations. This range of productions to be created is one of the main advantages of composing a look with jeans.

Jeans with a perfume of tailoring is the perfect low piece to compose work looks . Its more fancy modeling and exquisite details are perfect to enrich the look without major bureaucracy. Therefore, feel free to explore the universe of blouses.

A blouse embroidered or with a more candy color, like lilac , or vivid, like an earthy, makes all the difference. If the frock design  encounter is more uncomplicated, it’s time for tennis to take action. This time, another style encounter takes place, look at the sportsman asking for a ticket.

Look with jeans pantacourt

Photos: Reproduction and Maria Filó
One of the ways to renew the look of jeans is to bet on pants with more rebellious models, leaving a little justice aside. Following this line, pantacourt arrives as an alternative that guarantees a freer, lighter and more loose look.

Joker like all good pants, pantacourt jeans goes through seasons like the garment that is always ready. In order to refresh the production, betting on other colorful clothes is the simplest and full of bossa that you can find.

The jeans go smoothly with vibrant colors, double colors like green and pink , textures like knitting and even with overlays . Enjoying the freedom of a look with jeans is the leap in fashion. So, use all your creativity and mix it up, allow yourself to combine the pantacourt with very different pieces.

Denim jeans
Looks with jeans

Jeans exude irreverence and know how to play with two models. A pantacourt can have a clochard feel , a skinny one can come close to a cigarette or flare. Anything goes with jeans!

The precious tip to take the jeans off the obvious this time is to play with the proportions. Using balance to use the tight with the broad, puffed blouses with tights make up an interesting duo. Still in the mood you use , think of more versatile combinations.

Therefore, bet on blouses with finer details to explore the most elegant side of denim and create a weight set. A good jump can finish off and elevate the look. But if the moment is lighter, a strap top and that flattering shoe that oozes comfort are the key pieces.

Shorts jeans

Looks with jean
After a long conversation about jeans, it was time to shorten the subject a little. The denim shorts knock on the door and ask for permission to star in the looks of another season.

Longer than a shorts and shorter than a pair of pants, the shorts are in the designer dresses pakistani middle between the two pieces, but it shows that it can shine very well on its own. In tight and renewed versions, the outfit wants to show again that jeans can go from casual to chic with few accessories.

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