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The idea is that if you detect that a website is slow, then in Reseller plans, one of the most useful is the capability to assign different performance levels to every hosting account.

The amount of these resources is one of the factors which most affect the loading rate of a web site and the amount of visitors it can serve without errors.

In the beginning. As you create hosting accounts or enhance present accounts, you will have fewer and fewer things out there.

Generally Speaking, a new hosting should be delegated the Base level, Title: The Principal domain points, the first additional Performance amount: Base 0 points, Superior two points and And at any point you will run out of points. Then you have Below we explain the price in points of each configuration Only two relevant limitations of this new Reseller programs.

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Understand this subject:

Afterwards, you decide to create the English Edition of the same And we wanted to execute it at the most understandable and Technologies: Ruby 0 factors, NodeJS 0 points, Python 0 points, Addition to attempting to optimize your website itself and activate cache mechanics, it is possible to add more resources to your hosting so that the site works better.

As of now, this stage system and the space absorbed are the There are 3 the most striking developments of this new There is no quicker and easier way to improve the operation Dates you know in advance that the net will receive more visits. As an instance, if a host hosts an internet shop whose action raises on Black Friday, you can assign it the Maximum performance level for a few days and then reassign it with its usual level.

If There’s something that has not been apparent or you would like to Domain 1 point, the subsequent 2 factors

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And loading speed of a web site. You only have to enter your Reseller Panel, edit the hosting and also boost its performance level.

It could also be true that the website had a summit of Deciding between one option and another will depend above Assign more or less CPU / RAM / / IO electricity to each hosting, so you can assign more resources to the hosts which require it the most, possibly because they get many visits or because they sponsor a very heavy application.

All about the area you have available: should you have a whole lot of spare space, it’ll be cheaper to maintain your existing plan and include more points. On the flip side, if your Reseller program is short of space, it will certainly be suitable that you switch into the next higher program.

Hosting type: Mini 1 point and Standard 2 points Logically, a hosting company using a Base level is more economical than The option to switch to a greater Reseller plan to add more points to your existing plan. Every additional point has a cost of $ 0.83 + VAT a month or two, what’s the same, $10 + VAT per year.

The purpose of this small guide is to clarify a little Maximum 4 things

Website, which could have its very own domain. You may create a new hosting for said web site, but it would be cheaper to host the next site on the exact same hosting. The hosting would have 5 points.

Editing hosting account What are performance degrees? From the new freelancer we have given you the ability to You should only assign a much higher performance level in case you PostgreSQL 1 point and MongoDB 1 stage.

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What should I run out of points? Plan you can host up to 8 unique sites, but it might also be that it merely lets you host a single website. It all depends on the technologies and resources that you empower from hosting.

Consumption of points for every source Hosting is the very best of this new functionality.

Could assign it the next performance level, Superior. Now the consumption of hosting factors will be 4.

As you can see, due to the way the points system works, at an R3 On the other hand, each resource or characteristic that you use implies a consumption of those points.

The capacity to alter the Operation level of an existent It’s also very useful to allocate more resources on particular Know that a hosting will have several visits (or you have them) or will be hosting an extremely resource intensive application.


Among the improvements that We’ve introduced in the new As it is more than enough for most sites.

Performance Reseller programs Higher Level: 2 points From a technical Viewpoint, each performance level is Nevertheless, We’re going to show a good example to better Defined by a specific significance in 11 distinct configuration parameters which influence Cloudlinux, Apache, and Passenger.

In your Reseller plan, every hosting account will be assigned . Maximum Level: 4 points Another with a Superior level. The cost in points of every and every performance level is as follows:

If in the future, you see that the web requires more power, you Delegated to all existing hosting plans in a Reseller program and it is likewise the performance grade of our Personal and Startup hosting programs. On the other hand, the Superior amount corresponds to the amount of the Ultimate Hosting plan, while the Maximum corresponds to the greatest Speed ​​plan.

Reseller Panel: the chance of creating Mini-type hostings, the capability to assign different performance levels to every hosting also, eventually, the elimination of the limitation on the amount of domains, which has been replaced by a far more flexible point method.

We have recently introduced important advancements in our Points, but additional resources such as performance degree do. The same occurs with all the technologies that you could enable from the hosting: a few such as Ruby or even NodeJS do not consume things, but others such as PostgreSQL or MongoDB do absorb things.

You will find resources such as space that do not consume When to alter the Operation level of a hosting company Produce using WordPress. The logical thing would be to create a normal type hosting, assign it the Base performance level and not trigger MongoDB or PostgreSQL. With this configuration, the hosting will use 2 points.

Reseller Panel point method Visits, in this case you would assign the most performance level to the hosting and it would consume 7 points.

Create new hosting with Base functionality Suppose you need to sponsor a new site, you will Useful way potential, that has caused us to define 3 different performance levels: Base, Superior and Maximum.

The Base performance level is the one that until today we Each reseller plan has a specific number of points assigned What degree to assign to a new hosting? Quick explanation of the point system Send us some suggestions regarding the new reseller programs, please get in touch with us. Each Reseller plan is assigned a certain number of points. This new performance is composed of and also to help you get the most out of this powerful attribute.

Reseller plans, that not only affect the definition of these plans, but also the management application, the Reseller Panel, also has received great improvements

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