I suggest that the coat has insulation or “Insulation” of at least 300 , but if you can invest in a stronger coat. – evanstonbaptistchurch

In my opinion, you should try to buy a long model that partially or completely covers your legs and also has a hood to protect your head when it is raining or snowing.

Mine, for example, has 600 insulation and I must admit that I am completely in love with it, as I never felt cold, even in extreme temperatures and freezing Scandinavian winds.

It is possible to find several heating technologies, whether organic or synthetic.

And here’s a tip: for ethical reasons, try not to purchase products that are tested or produced directly from animals such as goose feather coats.

The model for the first coat I bought from The North Face was the Inlux Insulated Jacket , which cost about 100 U $ D and protected me very well in winter in New York and in the French and Swiss Alps.

This year, I decided to invest a little more, since I’m living in Sweden and I bought a khaadi online wonderful jacket from the brand Mountain Wharehouse, whose model is Isla II Womens Insulated Down. Wonderful brand and product of extreme quality.

Depending on your profile and your travel plans, you can choose a more charming jacket or a more sporty model.

What to wear on your winter trip

Incredibly, the pants I like most are leggings that have fleece inside, because depending on the weather, I use them as a base or even as a single piece.

These pants have withstood temperatures of up to -13 Celsius as a single piece, but you can use it as a base layer with another piece on top, like jeans or a sweatshirt.

If you intend to get in contact with the snow, I suggest you buy pants with the same specifications as the jacket, but, because it is an item that you may not use in cities, it may not be interesting to invest as much as in the jacket.

To practice winter sports, prioritize jackets and pants that have many pockets , it is extremely practical to take some belongings when you are on the slopes.

My pants are from the Wedzge brand, sold in Decatlhon stores and cost just 25 Euros.

Shoes are extremely important items on your winter trip, as a lot of heat is lost through the foot.

Therefore, it is necessary to wear appropriate shoes if you intend to enjoy the winter destination of your trip.

There are many different models, with more beautiful styles and others more sporty, but the important thing is that you choose one that maintains body temperature even in extreme conditions through fleece or any other technology.

If there is a possibility of snow at your travel destination, do not think twice and avoid buying waterproof shoes with the proper sole.

Boots that are not waterproof will simply leave you with your foot completely soaked, mariab very cold and will not give you any stability to walk in the snow, so guarantee your practicality and safety.

My boot is from the Pajar brand, one of the best in Canada, whose products are able to guarantee comfort in temperatures up to -30 Celsius.

There are other brands of very good boots, such as The North Face, Columbia, and also Canadian Sorel.

I bought Pajar naloja Century 21 in New York and in the promotion I paid about 90 U $ D. I think it was an excellent investment, as she has already accompanied me on several trips!


Last but not least are the winter accessories, which cannot be missing from your bag.

A good scarf, glove and hat are indispensable pieces in winter, regardless of your travel plans, so buy good quality products.

Another tip that you may even find strange is not to forget sunglasses, as they are also winter accessories!

This is because the sun reflects off the snow, and can even cause damage to your vision, so make sure you always wear good goggles.

In addition, it is important to warn that the cold leaves the skin very dry, so it is always good to have a good moisturizer on hand, including for the lips and sunscreen with the highest filter for both the face and mouth.


Yes, I know that these clothes are usually very expensive, but unfortunately there is no way to avoid this expense if you plan to travel in the winter and enjoy the snow.

Therefore, my suggestion is that you take the opportunity to invest in good quality products that last a long time and can be used in many other future trips.

In Brazil, these pieces are usually expensive, so the best idea is to buy at the destination of your trip.

A practical way to materialize this suggestion is to buy online and ask for the order to be delivered to your hotel, hostel or apartment.

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