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The new tailors are light, comfortable and maintain the right dose of formality to be used in the work environment.

For those who work by example in law firms , maintaining sober tones and betting on monochromatic looks is a simple way to print more formality.

elastic waistband pants
For those who can wear a little more informal clothes, pants with elasticated waistband are a good option. Gone are the days when they were synonymous with sloppy clothing. There are numerous options with double elastic, ties and other details that make the finish nice and ready for the office.

If you like to wear the latest trends, pastel colors or earthy tones are on the rise in the nishat linen summer.

Here at Fashion Code, your stylist helps you find work looks that match your style, so you never have another day of closet full and nothing to wear

colorful work pants

Orange is the new black: orange looks

Orange is the new black!
Or: we are in love with the warm orange tones that arrived here. For those who are starting to take chances in the strongest colors, a good choice is to use orange with a lighter neutral tone. Starting with a bottom also helps, because we feel the contrast with our skin more when the color is close to the face.

For those who already enjoy a mix of colors, we love the combination with an intense blue.
Mix materials with different textures to make the look even more interesting.

For those who already enjoy a mix of colors, we love the combination with an intense blue.

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What is Fashion Code?

The fashion has changed. It is no longer a time of “must have”. There is no trend more important than your tastes, desires and personal style . You are unique and your way of dressing too .

To always be at your best , you need to find clothes that translate who you are. In this search, technology must play in your favor. Simplifying, welcoming, facilitating.

Fashion Code is high-tech + high-touch. A powerful algorithm , there Netflix, which added to the keen eye of the Personal Stylists team decipher your taste. Together, they make a 100% personalized curation to deliver the best pieces for you.

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