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By Jeff Webb November 18, 2020 Business, Fashion

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The leather jacket is a classic that never goes out of style. It is also a wildcard, which can be easily combined with a multitude of other pieces. In fact, there are few clothes that do not match a leather jacket, as you will see below.

It can be a black and more basic or colored model with zippers, the leather jacket has no time to be used and, if you know how to combine it, you can go from work to the club without any problem.

The leather jacket is an investment. If you buy a genuine leather one, it will be more expensive, but it is a piece that lasts 10 years or more.

If you want to purchase one (or already have yours) and want to know which models exist, which occasions can be used and which are the best – and worst! – combinations, you can not miss our tips on how to wear a leather jacket!

How to wear leather jacket

Two classic pieces, wild and timeless could not generate a different combination.

In this case, the piece under the jacket can be of any type – polo , V-neck t- shirt, button-down shirt, etc. This combination is hard to miss and can be ideal for that hour of doubt as to which clothes to wear or when to hurry to get ready.

jacket with plaid shirt

The plaid print, which is also a winter classic, goes great with a leather jacket. The look is urban and cool. The ideal is to use the plaid shirt in darker tones, typical of colder days, such as black, gray, navy blue etc.

Be careful not to overdo the colors of your shirt and dress up khaadi online looking like you are dressed as a jacket for a June party. Invest in classic chess and add a rocker touch to the jacket.

Layering (overlays)
masculine jacket

Layer in English means layer. When we talk about layers for clothes, we mean several overlapping pieces. Did you know that several pieces of clothing, one on top of the other, warm up more than just a very heavy coat?

This tip, then, is ideal for the harsh winter days !

You just need to add one piece on top of the other, like shirts, knits or sweatshirts, and the leather jacket always at the end. If you are having trouble making combinations, invest in neutral tones (black, white and gray).

The most common overlays are:

Shirt or t-shirt, then a sweatshirt and leather jacket. The sweatshirt can be without or with a hood, which is also very stylish; Shirt and tie, cardigan or sweater and leather jacket, for more social compositions;

Plaid shirt, cardigan and leather jacket are also a great option. If you want to use it for work, exchange the plaid shirt for a dress shirt.

Leather jacket with shirt and tie is very stylish and you can wear it to go to work smoothly. Although it is not yet very common, it is possible to make a contemporary and elegant composition like this.

You can wear shoes and keep the composition more social.

If you want to combine the shoes with the jacket, mixing the social style with the modern urban, bet on a boot in the same color as the jacket!

Avoid the combination with dress pants, because the composition will be very serious and will not match well with the jacket.

There are several accessories that go well with the leather jacket. If it’s too cold, for example, you can wear a scarf and hat; if you go out during the day, bet on sunglasses . The aviator model matches perfectly with the leather jackets. You can also wear it with a cap or hat, which is very popular this winter.

Of course, combine with other leather accessories, such as necklaces and bracelets . The watch is also another classic, which makes any look more elegant.

The leather jacket matches almost all shoes. You can use it with sneakers, sneakers, boots, boots and even dress shoes – in the latter case, however, you must know how to make a good combination.

How NOT to wear a leather jacket

Despite a wild and easy-to-match piece, as we’ve already said, it’s not everything that goes well with your leather jacket. Understand now what you should not wear with your leather jacket and avoid one of those ugly mistakes :

Sport clothes
Sportswear just doesn’t go with leather jackets. This is because these pieces are intended for physical activities, which does not match anything with the purpose of the jacket.

Items such as shorts and tactel pants were made for exercise or, in the case of surfer style shorts, for hot days.

Running shoes and sandals

Do not use with sports shoes, such as gym shoes, or even think about the boot. Also don’t wear sandals and slippers, which were made for hot days, unlike the leather jacket.

Just the jacket
The ideal is always to wear something under the jacket. In addition to heating up more, it is more elegant and avoids the smell that can cause the direct contact of your skin with the leather.

How to wear colorful leather jacket

men’s leather jacket

The black leather jacket is a classic, looks good with any composition and can be worn at any time of the day. However, if you like to vary, bet on one of another color. To make it easier to combine, we suggest blue, red, gray, brown and earth tones.

The “whiskey” tone (aged brown) can give a vintage feel to the composition, which is very cool if combined with more classic pieces, such as tailoring pants and waistcoat and a tie. If you want, combine with shoes or even with a leather boot in the same color as the jacket.

If you like colors a lot and want to have a jacket a little more exotic, you can bet on a shade of blood red. However, be careful to leave this piece as the only eye-catcher of your look. You can combine the colors of the shoes, the belt and the pants in more neutral and sober tones and leave the jacket as the focus of the composition.

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