This is a concept that is increasingly on the rise in several segments and that can be applied to boost sales of your clothing store. The idea is to use digital platforms and live to sell, interacting in real time with customers.

How to make a live to sell more at your clothing store

The format is old and quite common to be seen on television, on sales channels, such as Shoptime and Polishop, for example, but now, thanks to the internet, it is available to everyone. Follow us and learn more!

Discover the main live commerce tools for your clothing store

Doing a live to sell can represent a huge jump in sales for your clothing store, especially in a pandemic era, when many people are still afraid to return to the streets.

The format is really interesting and gives results. To give you an idea, a major retailer in China invited digital influencers Kim Kardashian and Viya to conduct a live and sell perfumes. The result was 15,000 bottles sold in minutes .

With the proper proportions adjusted, positive results can also be charizma online seen in your clothing store. However, it is necessary to choose the appropriate tools for each situation. See some examples!

Instagram is great for making lives, given the popularity of the social network!

However, before opting for this channel, it is interesting to check if you have enough followers to generate a good engagement.

Remember that only people who follow your profile will be notified of your content. So, this is an issue that must be analyzed, so that you really have positive results.

YouTube is also an excellent channel to do live to sell. To do this, simply create a channel for your clothing store on the platform and make the live broadcast.

The advantage of YouTube is that you can create a link in advance, as if it were a waiting room, and post it on your social networks, through WhatsApp, on your Telegram channel , among other places. Thus, the event already begins with a guaranteed audience.

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows meetings with up to 500 people. To participate in the event, you must be invited and have access to the link. This is not a public display, like Instagram and YouTube.

It is interesting to use Zoom to make lives to sell with groups of VIP customers, for example.

It is worth noting that on all of these platforms there are chat tools, which allow public interaction. People can send questions and you can clarify them live, for example. Another important point is to remember that, in its free version, Zoom works only for 40 minutes without interruptions. It is worth it if you plan!

Tips for running a live to sell more at the clothing store

Live to Sell

To conduct a live to sell more at the clothing store, in addition to using the right tools, you also need to think about a number of other factors. See our tips!

Think about the technical quality of the live
It is necessary to invest in the technical quality of the live, to ensure that the image and sound can be understood by the public.

Investing in a tripod for the cell phone or camera, as well as a pret wear good microphone can be interesting, to have more quality.

Find out how to behave in front of the cameras
It is also important to know how to behave in front of the cameras! Many people are shy and ashamed to appear in the video, but this is a barrier that needs to be broken.

If you feel better, you can hire a journalist, broadcaster or youtuber from your city to conduct the event, interact with the public and help you showcase your products.

Communicate the customer about the ways he can make purchases

In his live, in addition to showing the products, it is essential to show customers how he can make purchases. If you serve on the internet and deliver by delivery, make it clear which channels are used and which can be used to place orders.

Also highlight your physical address and contact details, such as WhatsApp and phone number, so that the customer can take questions or go to see the products they want to buy in person.

Did you like the idea of ​​doing a live to sell more at your khaadi summer sale clothing store? This is an excellent way to get closer to your audience and watch your profits grow more and more!

Keep looking for innovative ways to sell more and see now how to put your products on the Free Market !

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