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A server is, first of all, a computer like any other, but that, because it has different functions from most other computers, has a greater capacity for processing and sending information. In some specific cases, however, it is possible for special software to play the role of servers.

The main function of servers is to transmit information to other computers connected to it through a network, the so-called clients. In addition to transmitting information, servers can perform a number of essential tasks in the corporate environment such as Server Colocation Uk archiving, systems management and access hierarchy and the sharing of system data and resources, being a central part of the IT system of any company.

It is because it is this centerpiece that keeping the company’s servers safe and free from attacks is vital to a company’s risk management and business plan, but how do you do it?

Physical security

When we talk about technology services, we immediately remember digital security, hacker attacks, etc … and, yes, the server needs to be safe against this type of threat, but it is important that you do not forget to protect the server from physical dangers . In a company, the first step that must be taken to keep servers safe is to keep them in an isolated room, which prevents accidents, some of them banal as bumps or spills, and information theft. Only authorized  Cheap Colocation Uk personnel should have access to the server room. Second, the environment must be dry and ventilated to avoid overheating the server components.

Cloud Connect Telium

A good option to avoid all costs involving physical security and maintenance of the servers is to hire a dedicated server.

In addition to resolving concerns about physical threats to your server, when hiring a dedicated server from a specialized company, your company will also have digital security services and assistance in case of attacks or other related emergency.

Another advantage when hiring a dedicated server is that it can offer other useful features for your company. The Cloud Connect Telium , for example, is a cloud server that can be used either as a single server or in conjunction with the other servers of a company, in addition to bringing the possibility of flexible contracting, being very convenient for companies that have demands specific periods of the year or even in cases of rapid growth in accesses and other possible system demands.

Cloud Connect Telium also guarantees the stability of the system as it works in a redundant environment, uk colocation that is, in the event of failures, the servers are replaced almost instantly, decreasing and often even eliminating the impacts of these falls on the company’s productivity.

Still in relation to security, the Cloud Connect Telium, has a unique IP for each contractor, and is mounted on private networks, protected by independent firewalls, which keeps each contractor isolated, reducing the risks of an invasion spreading.

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