How To Include Your Fireplace In Your Summer Decor | Fine Seasonal Decor

Now that warm weather is almost here, you need to think about cleaning your fireplace one last time. So since you’re already putting time and effort into the area, shouldn’t you add a little creative expression there so that your fireplace remains a warm, welcoming feature of your home even when the conditions outdoors are less than frightful?There’s no reason to leave your fireplace gray and empty simply because you don’t need roaring fires for the next few months. Maybe you could do a simple arrangement of interesting logs such as nice white birch on your grate. Perhaps add a log or two on the side in a rack or an elegant old ash scuttle.Shine your fireplace tools for the best effect and place a vase or a group of such vessels on the opposite side of the hearth. Put interesting branches or boughs or even some tall standing blooms in those vases.Place candles scented like spring and summer fragrances to invite the fresh scents of the outdoors inside your home. Candles in tall stands or large pillars will add a dash of fire to your hearth without the heat commitment. Or create a grouping of various sized candles by arranging a number of hurricane lamps, votive holders, and other glass lanterns together.Try a candelabra in the firebox instead of individual candles. It will hold many candles but create a more formal appearance. You can find candelabras in a variety of styles and materials, such as the traditional brass, glass, ceramic and porcelain, and wrought iron. Stand a mirror at the back of the fireplace so that the candlelight will be reflected around the room.You might add candles in glass hurricanes or another kind of holder to the mantle so that you can continue the theme established in the fireplace. A touch of floral embellishment might complete the look. Be sure to use candle holders that are in keeping with the room’s motif.A floral creation might be arranged in the fireplace itself. Moss, vines and silk flowers entwined with the logs there can make a beautiful statement. You could use traditional candles to add light to your creation, or for a safer alternative you could add battery operated votives, pillars or tea lights.

Choose a decorative fireplace screen of stunning brass, wood or porcelain which matches the design scheme throughout the room. Leave it to make a simple statement all alone or embellish the space with clusters of candles on the mantle.

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