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Between bikinis and swimsuits, a fundamental part of the beach looks, there are many possibilities that live in a summer suitcase.
Here, we are always looking for more functional and practical pieces that adapt to occasions outside the beach or pool, such as dinners or evening events. In addition to optimizing the space in the suitcase, investing in versatile solutions helps to rang rasiya lawn streamline the choice of looks.

And since spending time thinking about productions is the last thing we want in moments of relaxation, we have separated some key pieces that will help you put together the beach looks:

Although characteristic of the looks on the sand, the pareô skirt is an alternative full of bossa for a lunch or stretched out for post beach drinks. In addition to the various possibilities for mooring, investing in a more neutral parade can yield productions for more urban looks as well.

Dressed as an outlet
The traditional beach outlet has been replaced by more versatile alternatives. Dresses nishat linen online with a light air, in linen or cotton, go well for the occasion, because in addition to fulfilling the premise of practicality, with a single piece that solves the whole look, the natural fabrics are fresh and the face of summer.

Bathing suit as a body Gone

is the time when the use of bathing suits was exclusive for moments of relaxation on the beach or pool. The bathing suit becomes a powerful addition to the dinner by doing the body with a wide pants or even pareo.

Shirt as an outlet

Chic and unusual, the shirt is a wild piece and in the beach bag it literally works all day. Open over the bikini, with the little one worn with your favorite shorts or over a linen pantaloon, it multiplies in countless solutions. In that case, the classic white shirt can give way to models with prints, vibrant colors and oversized modeling. If you have doubts on how to optimize your looks when assembling the beach bag, our stylists can help you! Fill out your style quiz by telling us your tastes and occasion and order your Fashion Box.

Easy and fast, to give you time to pack everything before Carnival.

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