VPSDime provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Also notice that most of their VPS plans are unmanaged, which means that you will want the necessary technical expertise and skill to utilize these virtual servers.

One thing I did not like about VPSDime at alltheir servers don’t arrive with any simple DDoS protection. If an attack is found, it sends your IP address so that the invasion does not penetrate different accounts on the machine. But, it’s all up to you to put in the necessary security measures to guard your website. Furthermore, they do not supply any automated backups they back up the machine only for disaster recovery purposes, so they cannot restore your account from any on-demand copies. Again, the task of keeping your information safe remains on hands – which makes it user-friendly as you would anticipate.

VPSDime mostly offers VPS-based Linux, using Windows VPS accessible in the affiliate, Winity. Their routine Linux bundles arrive in six unique plans. All contain 4 vCPUs plus a 10 Gbps uplink, whilst storage, bandwidth and memory can be altered to suit your requirements. True to their mission, VPSDime their own VPS bundles have been very economical, especially compared to major competitors. In addition they have more premium VPS packages and storage VPS available; The former includes anywhere from one to eight dedicated cores, while the latter provides more SSD storage.

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How much can VPSDime cost? VPSDime offers multiple plans from highest to lowest. The purchase price depends on which type of hosting plan you pick. Below you will find an upgraded pricing desk (updated weekly).

How great is VPSDime client service?

VPSDime isn’t ranked as one of our best web hosts. But this may also be due to the fact that VPSDime is modest, beneath a radar hosting supplier. The benefits would be for a small hosting business – as a customer you’re more important to them. You could also try our comparison of the most popular web hosting providers here. FEATURES AND EASE OF USE

VPSDime supports various Linux Distros. These include OpenSUSE, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, ScientificLinux and Fedora. Your account comes with a SolusVM Control Panel symbol at which you are able to easily control all of the features of your VPS straight from the client area.

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VPSDime is nice, but the fine isn’t good enough. While VPSDime is an adequate hosting company, you’ll get better hosting in a less expensive Hostinger price, for example.

There’s a large memory and storage space available

Their infrastructure is relatively modern and includes total SSD storage, which will keep data-intensive applications and high-traffic sites running easily. Their 10 Gb / s network also will help avoid bottlenecks. That is a bonus point with VPSDime, as most VPS providers only offer 10Mbps or even 1Gbps networks. Their servers are virtualized using OpenVZ – based on most accounts, it’s not the best in the market, but it is pretty decent.


No phone support or guide conversation

VPSDime services and their charges are fairly clearly recorded on the site, along with a FAQ section which should answer any questions that you might have before purchasing a subscription. All you need to do is find the ideal package for yourself. Because they also offer their own bundles, calling them with your exact needs may be the ideal approach to proceed forward.

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Cheap packages

VPSDime includes a knowledge base, but it doesn’t seem very well developed: it does not have many articles at the moment. It seems you will know how to do most things yourself or locate answers everywhere. Alternatively, you can contact them by creating a magician. They’ll try to maintain a mean response time of less than 15 minutes. In my experience, this was accurate. The FAQ section is also very useful and concentrates mainly on queries you might have before enrolling for their services.

However not positive if that is the ideal hosting for you personally? Have a look at our Top Recommended Web Hosts to learn more.

Globally multiple places of existence

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Full SSD storage

Which VPSDime plan should I purchase? My recommendation would be to begin with a cheaper plan. You may update at any time later. VPSDime is able to help you switch to a more expensive program. Increasing the number of traffic takes many times longer than expected, which means you shouldn’t pay a good deal of money until mandatory. Of course, your needs will vary and you are able to consult a hosting pro out of VPSDime here.

VPSDime provides virtual private servers to a worldwide customer base, though most of their customers come in the uk and america. Their specialization is to offer VPS hosting with substantial memory and large storage at the cheapest possible prices. Their servers are based in six distinct locations – one at the Netherlands, another in the uk, and four in the United States.


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