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By Jeff Webb September 15, 2020 Tech

We operate individual hosting, email and cloud options for our clients. Our clients have been relying on our solutions for years, no matter whether they are a business, lawyer, physician, self-employed individual or private person. Through routine upkeep and maintenance of the hardware and applications, we achieve availability, security and information security at the maximum degree. Our servers are located in a German data center and are controlled in accordance with the latest IT security and information

protection regulations. Daily data backups are a matter of course.

Email and web hosting

Besides our individual solutions, we also have put together a couple of packages”for you”. In most cases, these bundles cover a simple necessity. We’re delighted to offer you bigger packages, including your servers, which can be configured and operated only

for you and your users. We look forward to a call or email.

Increasingly, private individuals are also creating their own site, make it a site that revolves about their hobby, a blog, a photo page or merely a self-presentation. However, as barely anyone has sufficient server capacity to host their site themselves,

a simple solution is obvious: web hosting.

There are a considerable number of internet domain and email hosting service providers on the current market, so that it is hard for aspiring
webmasters to get a well-founded overview and to discover the best possible offer for their individual requirements.

Even for more experienced website operators, it’s worthwhile to sound out the market at regular intervals and assess if their contract is still the cheapest. The trend is clear: the range of services is increasing steadily with providers, while costs are

falling constantly. A change is therefore worthwhile in many cases!

We took a good look at the supplies from eight of those best-known web hosting suppliers and compared them. These include, Host Europe, webgo, 1 & 1 Ionos, STRATO plus a couple more. This is followed with a thorough manual that explains what the hosting

marketplace has to offer and what to look for when choosing an offer.

Even the smallest tariff can come up with a traffic flat rate.

Host Europe offers a choice of 392 distinct TLDs, however, these aren’t included in the hosting tariffs and has to be leased for a
monthly fee. The amount of the fee varies based on the domain name ending.

The price range of the best email hosting UK packages ranges from the scope of services to a fair 4.99 to 14.99 euros a month. To get a
one-month term, a one-time installment fee of 14.99 euros is expected; should you book an yearly subscription, this doesn’t apply.

The server location is at Host Europe overseas. The team cooperates with the Ukraine-based service company LvivIT! , which is apparently responsible for the management of this host. The information protection criteria are therefore difficult to assess. On the other hand, the elastic conditions stand out positively: Upgrades and downgrades between the bundles are possible at any time

free of charge, with shared hosting that there is no minimum contract period.

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