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When we are going to choose a hiking outfit , it’s not just taking the first piece that appears in front of us and walking around. You may not notice it the first few times, but the tendency is to start feeling discomfort during the exercises, either by limiting your movements or by the sweat stuck in the pieces.

The practice of physical activities has become a habit for several people, and evangelical women are not excluded from this environment. Increasingly, we show that we understand the importance of taking care of the health and well-being of our body and mind.

And when it comes to the daily walk, in addition to the search for comfort, we must keep our Christian values. With so many fitness clothes out there, finding one that fits the standard we aim for is no small feat.

For these reasons, many evangelical women invest in cotton T-shirts and sweatshirts, which are widely used, but do not bring the necessary comfort. This type of fabric does not release sweat and does not allow freedom of movement in activities that require a lot of flexibility mariab, such as gym, pilates and yoga .

Thinking about it, the Epulari team separated some look tips to solve this problem and work out with style and comfort. Come have a look!


For the exercise look , it is important to take into account not only comfort, but also beauty. Especially because it is very common to have other tasks on the way to or from the gym.

Finding motivation to start that daily walk doesn’t have to be a struggle. Remembering your health and well-being, which are able to totally change your mood to spend the day, is already a good stimulus to practice. Finding a comfortable look that makes you feel good is also essential. See, therefore, the ideas we have prepared:

Look hiking for hot days

No more sweatpants even on hot days! Especially that jeans skirt that is beautiful, but not at all comfortable for exercise. Light skirt shorts and dry fit t-shirts are the best options for hot days.

With technologies increasingly strong in fabrics, such as emana and polyamide synthetic fiber, it is very easy to find light and fresh fitness clothes, even when we talk about skirt pants . Also, escape the basics! Black clothing can be replaced with light colors and fun prints, especially in the heat.

Neutral color vs. vibrant color
For a walk in the summer, the all black look needs to be avoided. But calm down, if you are a fan of neutral tones, know that they can still be part of your production, you just need to choose wisely. Add colors in small steps, options like blue, yellow and pink are great for a more basic palette.

Do you want to bet on cheerful combinations that speak to current trends? The combination of yellow with basic colors cannot be left out. Whole pieces or details in bright colors provide a colorful and perfect production to go from the gym to the mall without any problems!

blog post neutral color x vibrant color rang rasiya

Bet on prints for the summer

Prints are another cool idea to add to the hiking looks, especially those of nature, which fit perfectly for outdoor activities – such as walking, running and group training.

With these prints, it is possible to invest in another piece that has the main color of the graphics. If it is white, wear a plain white garment. If the print has a black background, prefer an all black piece to match and so on.

Now, if you like to take a chance with more colorful and stylish looks, a tip to make no mistake is to list any shade that appears on the print, be it a green of a leaf or the yellow of some flower, to choose the smooth pieces that will complete the look.

And it’s not just drawings related to nature that you find. There are other options that stand out for the gym looks , like the geometric and abstract ones, which create that feeling of movement and agitation.

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Wear clothing with sun protection

A very important point, but that many people forget when walking is sunscreen. If you are part of the group of people who don’t always remember him, know that his clothes can also help you keep your skin protected.

The clothes with UV protection is an innovation that came to protect you from ultraviolet rays that, over time, end up with your skin. The technology also helps to enhance the effects of the sunscreen, in addition to helping the forgetful ones, since with them, you only need to pass the product in places that are not covered by fitness clothing.

And there is not only one model with no protection! There are many fabrics with sun protection on the market: pants, blouses and shorts prepared to take care of the health of the skin of those who wear them. Colors and prints also appear on these clothing models, so don’t limit yourself when choosing your own

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Look walk for cold days

Do you know that tendency that we have to abandon walking in the cold? Discouragement is normal. The desire to stay at home on the covers and the fear of being cold and catching a boring flu are common.

But, nowadays, there is no longer that excuse! The thermal clothes and fabrics that take care of your body are there for that. When temperatures drop, what you need to do is choose skirt pants that cover the entire leg, a thermal blouse and that’s it!

Both in cold and in heat, thermal clothes are perfect to take care of your body’s development in physical activity. They maintain the ideal temperature of your skin, totally isolating the cold or heat from outside, leaving you calm and more comfortable in different exercises.

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