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Christmas is definitely for kids and every Christmas party would be more fun with exciting games for kids and also for kids at heart. If you want to keep your guests entertained and happy on your party then you can come up with these games: 1. Name that Christmas Carol – this is a classic game but everyone will still find joy in playing this game. You can divide your guests into three or four groups and of course you will facilitate the game. You will play a tune and the first team to guess that tune will get the point. You can make this game more exciting by fast forwarding the song so it is harder to guess. Another way to play this game is by allowing each member to give or sing a Christmas Carol and let others guess it. The team with highest points at the end of the game will be the winner but of course. You should try to come up with exciting prizes to make the game exciting for everyone. 2. 12 days of Christmas – this is more of performance level kind of game. Come up with three or four teams with 12 members each and then instruct them to perform the 12 days of Christmas as creative as possible. You will see this is going to be so much fun and everyone will surely laugh out loud at one another. But of course at the end of the game the most creative and with most effort team will win the prize. 3. Christmas Trivias – a party will not be complete without trivia games so since this is a Christmas party, make Christmas as the theme of your trivia game. This is perfect for kids and make sure to give away lots of chocolates and candies so they will be more excited. 4. Dress up Santa Claus – come up with two large Santa Claus and divide the guests into two teams. Each team will run towards Santa to put on his hat, dress, pants and others and the goal of the game is of course to complete the outfit of Santa Claus. You can play this outdoors so the guests can move and run freely. 5. Find Santa’s reindeers – another great ice breaker for your guests is a game like Find Santa’s hat. You should hide three Santa hats and around 10 different hats in the venue of your Christmas party then give away clues to your guests. First three people who find the right hat will get the prize. Kids will surely find this exciting and fun to play.

These games will surely make everyone happy and besides you can promote good and friendly mood in the party. Your guests may not know everyone in the party but by coming up with these games, they will get to know more one another and this could lead to new friendship. Christmas is giving so instead of just giving out party and foods for everyone why not give them great and happy times too? You will surely feel lot more genuine love and happiness once you’ve done this. So as early as now, you might as well prepare the games for your next Christmas party.

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