which will take place on November 27, the last Friday of the month – approaching, the concern is for awareness when it comes to consumption.

BlackRepassa , our mission is to encourage you to choose versatile pieces that can be used all year long, and with incredible prices on promotional actions that will reach up to 75% discount. And there goes a spoiler : there will be other good surprises too!

In addition, we want to connect you more and more with conscious consumption in circular fashion. In other words, the union between #ModaDoBem and the concern for the planet more and more within reach, without even leaving home. Sustainable convenience that calls, right?

Partnerships for the good we love

Did you know that, many times, our partnerships with influencers, which we call mariab , start only by connecting existing purposes between us and the influencer on social networks?

Like there, another comment here… Jokes aside, the cool thing is that, in most cases, our partnerships start anyway. Henceforth our efforts come together to promote re-education and awareness within the fashion industry.

Want to know the result? See only all the favorite pieces that our spare parts selected in their own wishlists on the website so that you can consciously enjoy #BlackRepassa – and with good combinations of looks!

Positive results for the planet

As a positive bonus, by participating in this process, you have the possibility to actively act to reduce 82% of the environmental impacts that each piece would result in the environment , if improperly discarded.

And there’s more: with our Bag of Good , you can pass on pieces that are kindly used, but that are now standing in your wardrobe, as a way to generate extra income and directly contribute to positive impacts on the environment khaadi online. After sales have been made, it is possible to choose how you want to transfer the amounts, including through donations to partner NGOs, in the Solidarity Transfer.

With so much incredible information, you just need to join #ModaDoBem and enjoy the best

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