EBC Sermons Podcast — Evanston Baptist Church

As Pastor Nathan Carter says, it’s “just this” from Psalm 103: In order for our hearts to bless the LORD, we need to know that God’s heart is to bless us. Listen and “forget not all his benefits”.

Thanks to our friends at Christian Fellowship Church in Itasca, IL for sharing your pastor with us today!

1) As we rest, we worship our Most High God, because of his loyal love and his provision (vv.1-4)

2) As we rest, we worship the Most High King, because we trust that his plans will ultimately triumph. (vv.5-9)

3) As we rest, we worship the Most High God, because we have been given assured victory (vv.10-11)

4) As we rest, we worship the Most High God because we have the righteous Lord present as our dwelling place (vv.12-15)

A life w/o singing? If you read the Bible, you’ll conclude that’s not the kind of life we’re made for. That’s not the good life. Not life as it’s supposed to be. Psalm 98 describes exactly the opposite:    God’s people singing to the LORD (vv.1-3)        All people singing to the King, the LORD (vv.4-6)

            All creation singing to the Judge of all (vv.7-9)

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