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By Jeff Webb November 23, 2020 Business, Fashion

We know that evangelical fashion has a modest, decorous and slightly more discreet style than the others.And now? How to harmonize the evangelical style with trends that are not as sober as Christian fashion?We have prepared some tips for you not to be afraid to use the cropped one you want!

First of all, let’s understand what will not work very well, if you want to follow the most prudent way:

It is very natural, outside the evangelical style, to wear a cropped length above the navel or in the middle of the abdomen. Our suggestion is that you wear a skirt or bottom piece with a high waistband. So you can keep the charm of the cropped short without the need to display any part of the body you don’t want.

Another feature from other styles is the neckline that highlights the bust, with more open and extensive cutouts. To escape this cropped model, we suggest simpler necklines, with details in predarias to maintain discretion but not lose a bit of sophistication.

Now see some models of croppeds that we suggest:

Peter Pan Embroidered Collar cropped peter pan collar Cropped made in light fabric with lyocell thread and rose dyeing. “Peter pan” collar with pearl embroidery, which leaves the piece delicate and romantic.

Drop neckline opening .

Cropped made in Tulle Lace with wavy finish on the hem and sleeves. It has V-neck tank top and fixed straps to use as a lining.

Cropped with looser modeling on the body, made in crepe lightweight fabric, super comfortable and with great trim, providing comfort and elegance for the composition of various looks. Embroidered in pearls and crystals on the neckline with hollow detail evidencing the beauty of the woman.

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2. Long
Versatile pieces, dresses and long skirts are wild in the closet and stand out among the biggest fashion trends of recent seasons. Whether in jeans or in striped floral prints, they lengthen the silhouette and add a touch of elegance.

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3. Sports
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