Church Life — Evanston Baptist Church

We are a diverse group of people seeking to follow Jesus.  We are welcoming to all.

Everything we do is for the purpose of encouraging connection with God and other people.  Newcomers are encouraged to explore the Bible and get to know us at their own pace, especially with groups. 

After getting to know us and us getting to know them, many people decide to unite with us. This smaller group of people, who we call “members”, have chosen to covenant together as a congregation, to carry out God’s mission.

As we understand the Bible, the members of the congregation have the final say in matters of church life.  But that doesn’t mean that we all vote on everything, all the time.  This congregation has chosen to delegate authority to particular members gifted and qualified to serve the church in various roles.  

  • Pastors/Elders: Serve by leading, and teaching collaboratively.
  • Deacons: Lead by serving, and helping cooperatively.
  • Plus other ministry leaders are now being trained through our internships.
  • And each one of our members participates in God’s missions to make disciples of all nations.

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