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Since the advent of technology, various companies around the world have been undergoing numerous and constant changes. The irruption of new software has rethought the way in which companies were managed at various levels, allowing business processes to be streamlined and resources managed in a more sustainable way.

Today we want to propose an innovative software that takes into account a vital factor for all companies, human resources. The need to implement technology in the management of a company’s personnel has led to the emergence ofFactorial.  This Spanish startup has opened a new horizon in UK. If you want to know how to increase the productivity of your employees and their satisfaction in the company with Factorial software, keep reading.

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The human resources of a company form the substantial part of it. The HR software Factorial founded in 2016 by three entrepreneurs who made this need in a business opportunity that would provide a real – time support, both employees and managers. At present, it has already been implemented in more than 36,000 companies in 96 countries.

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This program meets all the essential requirements for you to succeed in the market it is aimed at, that of small and medium-sized companies. It should be noted that it has excellent security in the cloud that allows the archiving of documents and sensitive data in the safest possible way.

Differential value as a key factor

Factorial emerged as thefree versionof the multiple existing tools for human resource management in hostinguk. This factor has allowed the differentiation with respect to its competitors.

Among the various basic functionalities that this version has, are the creation of events, the sending of communications, the management of absences, vacations and documents. The option of the premium or paid version also allows access to payroll and contracts. In addition, it has a fully available advisor who you can ask the questions you need.

Adapted to companies and employees

Its multiple functionalities allow two-way communication between managers and employees. This exchange of information guarantees necessary feedback at all levels of the company.

Likewise, Factorial Human Resources has several advantages, among which the optimization of processes and time are noteworthy . On the other hand, it favors environmental and economic sustainability in terms of the use of paper and cost savings derived from the administration of the workforce.

The services cloud storage are becoming more widespread in the business sector. Are you considering installing a cloud computing architecture? In this post we will tell you the main advantages of using the cloud in your business.

Cloud storage for your company

More and more companies are using cloud storage platforms, either because they want to reduce costs – and these platforms are very competitive in price – or because of the need for employee mobility.

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