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When in doubt about what to use, especially for the office, this is the piece that successfully finishes any look. The only problem that can happen is that we lose inspiration from what to wear underneath. Then everything is very repetitive, right?

Here are 5 cool ideas for you to wear with your blazer!

With such a beautiful suit, no one looks at what’s underneath, so don’t even worry
How about daring a little and not putting anything under the blazer? This look may not be the most recommended for the office, but who knows for a more formal dinner? Just be sure to wear a lingerie body or a bra but modest in case of an accident. To finish the style, use a beautiful necklace.

This street style is super charming and stripped down. We love this romantic floral dress with a blazer.sapphire online Why wear a pantsuit only? There’s nothing that forbids us to be a little more creative! The style break between the most serious blazer with the most romantic and fun dress

It may seem a little strange, but if you think about it, it’s amazing! A way to wear your sweatshirt outside the house without looking sloppy , on the contrary!

Which dresses go with short hair?

Since we saw the wonderful Robyn Wright in House of Cards , we have been thinking a lot about cutting her hair shorter. One of the advantages of a shorter hairstyle is that your face is well exposed and emphasizes your facial features. Leaves the neck more exposed, and cooler for the heat. Inevitably, this makes you want to dare a little more in makeup.
To keep up with this change and maintain the high style of your look, now you also need to choose clothes that match your new hairstyle. We research which dresses best match your new cut.

These dresses combine with short hairPHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

With a short haircut, you can do several different hairstyles. These are the combinations we like the most:

The romantic look goes very well with the short hair.PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Zoe Kravitz completely reinvented her look. From a young hippie to a sophisticated woman.
As this haircut can be a bit masculine, romantic looks make a perfect balance. Party dresses can be worn during the day without any problems, just combine them with a more comfortable shoe. The most delicate fabrics and pastel decor complete the most dreamy look. Remember that now that your neck is free, dresses with necklines are more elegant.


Look how beautiful this strapless yellow dress is with short hair.PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES
If you have nice shoulders, include dresses that show that part of nishat linen online your body. Strapless or one-shoulder dresses create a very elegant sensuality. With an exposed neck , don’t forget to combine with larger earrings.

Maxi dresses with blazer: perfect for breezy daysPHOTO: GETTY IMAGES
We know that this extremely delicate feminine look is not for all of us. So if you want to try something different but still keep a little of your casual look, just combine it with a more masculine blazer . Your look will look original and show your self-confidence.

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