We welcome this also, so take part in it.Is there any information regarding PvP?

FFXIV: Las Vegas Fan Festival Press ConferenceAfter the official section of the Fan Festival there’s obviously a press conference
in which Naoki Yoshida answers many questions.Here we have the translations for you.Usually you announce the region during the
keynotes, but maybe not this time. Was that on purpose? We know where he’s headed, but we don’t wish to reveal the title of the
area just yet. With Patch 4.5 we’re extremely focused on the story and therefore wish to allow the player experience it for
themselves. We thought it’d be better not to expect the name, we also know that the gamers are currently agreeing a good deal
about it. We welcome this also, so take part in it.Is there any information regarding PvP?Bearing this in mind, we’ll now contest
the finals of The Feast Championships first.


For Europe and Japan, our focus will be on maintaining the momentum. If we make too
many changes it could put off some players. So we want to maintain the present status first. So far as content to your PvP is
concerned, look forward to tomorrow’s Live Clipboard, there will be information here.It is intriguing that 32-bit service is
stopped. Are there any distinctive features that Shadowbringers is technologically different here and thus the 32-bit service is
no longer available?I know this question only partly or not at all, however there are numerous reasons to quit behind the 32-bit
platform. To begin with, the number of players with a 32-bit system is below 2%, at just under 1.8%. The next problem is that the
memory in a 32-bit system. It does not rely on the processor, but the memory is limited to 2GB, which is just 1/4 of the
PlayStation 4. This of course also creates bottlenecks in the creation of content. If we don’t have sufficient memory, this
prevents us from adding new capabilities.Because it’s been announced that there’ll be new data centres, are there any plans to
promote growth in certain areas that have not yet been supported, such as Oceania?I can’t say that we have no programs in any way,
but we have not yet taken this discussion very much better. However, as I always say, we wish to keep challenging ourselves and
have now found that the amount of gamers is growing. We also know that lots of players aren’t met with the latency into the
servers and would of course like to make it more pleasant for the players. I expect that we can advance this topic quickly and I
can inform you about this. As for Oceania, we understand and will surely look at it.Can you tell us something about the confidence
system? Could the ffxiv data center split system make Final Fantasy the upcoming single participant?It is of course not our intention to make FFXIV
one player game. We think it is a challenge we present ourselves as an MMORPG. I am also an MMO player, so that I know that it is
important that lots of players play together. But there are also players that play Final Fantasy, but might love to reevaluate
their way as one player and feel more comfortable with it. Our challenge, particularly with main story quests, will be to make it
feasible to perform with them independently. This is just what the Trsut process is based on. Playing the main story with an NPC
will be harder, through him it might be impossible to produce the content or even to input it. We hope that these players learn
the basics of this MMORPG and enjoy the sport with different players.When you have a look at the present raid meta, this puzzle
appears to be solved, as most compositions always look the same. But when new jobs are added, there might be tasks that could be
avoided. Are there any plans to take this into account for another expansion?From what we’ve seen with players joining Alphascape,
we think there are no jobs to be avoided. We think it’s quite balanced. Our job is to get the ideal balance in the sport. With the
expansion, we are attempting to place this reimbursement on a further degree of alterations. We already have plans for this, but
we’ll only reveal them at the start of the growth and explain them to you in detail.When and why did you choose to organize an
event such as the Fan Festival, invite the fans and make an announcement for the expansions?This fan festival is our third big
occasion. Even before ffxiv world status was put into my hands, I was a big MMORPG enthusiast. For me personally it was proof that I had such a
big event to get a title and also a community that comes together at such an event to celebrate this name. To start with, we
needed to reconstruct the match, we work to give our players content that they can enjoy. We also had that just one event would
not be enough, we’re very proud to have a CEO here who supports these events. Who’s already honored us as a blue magician on
stage. We hope we can continue to keep this cycle.Discussing of the blue mage. What can you tell us about the Blue Magician or
Limited Job? Will you be able to join the content search with him or will he be more solo?We’ll answer this tomorrow in the Live
Letter.Many gamers were mad that there will not be another deadly fight with Pat 4.5. Should we be ready for another expansion
that we will get 2 conflicts? What are the plans for the future ?Are you looking to kill us? When we planned UCoB, we had plans to
implant a fight with Patch 4.5. However, while UCoB came out and we were working on UWU, we hadn’t worked on a third fight
nonetheless. The players got the impression they were exhausted and that it wouldn’t be good to fight three of these struggles in
half an year. So we chose to cancel a third fight for Patch 4.5. Instead, we’ve concentrated on improvement. But we now also know
that all the individuals who have beaten UWU want it more, that it is like a kind of drug for them.Would you go into detail
regarding the collector and artisan match content?With every significant growth, we include new components for collectors and
artisans. It just so happens that one of the best pieces of content to experience is Ishgard Rebuilding. With the rebuilding of
Ishgard referring to the lore, though the Dragon Song War is over, there is an imbalance between the common people and the nobles.
I can not go into detail because of the spoilers. But you’ll observe how the different types come together and the way the
storyline comes together. You’ll be able to interact with the content for a longer time period. We think that this is something
which you have not seen previously.Are you planning additional 4 player content like the Monster Hunter: World Crossover Event?The
potential is there, of course, but we haven’t any programs for Shadowbringers to be released. But when the expansion is published,
it may be possible.Together with the statement that TP and Mp will unite, this is of course a massive change. There are also a lot
of adjustments to the user interface. How big is the overhaul we’re going to get with Shadowbringers? Adding more layers is
obviously also a large challenge for the developers. Concerning the tools already used, it is not such a huge overhaul. We’re only
converting one resource into another, of course we need to be careful about the balance despite these kinds of changes. But
needless to say the UI group is fighting with these changes. Are there any plans to translate it into Spanish?The reason here is
straightforward. There are some Square Enix games that have been translated into Spanish. However, with FFXIV you will find as
many live upgrades as with a standalone game, it runs in real time, here the developers work very closely together with the
translation group. We are already working together with external businesses here, but we would want somebody who would need to
work with us consistently. Therefore we are now unable to translate the game into Spanish. We strive to supply our games all over
the world and to be able to play them in their languages. We hope that one day we’ll have the opportunity to offer you a Spanish
translation.There has been an incredible amount of”dressing up” fluctuations in FFXIV, but the content has become a predictable
pattern. What exactly are you going to do with Shadowbringers to change things like this to keep players more motivated?I
understand, however, you also have to see that you have to update at such a pace so that we are able to continue to keep a
pattern, so to speak. We also introduce some things that mix everything up a bit, many simply don’t appear to take that into